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Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease Brain MRI Comparative Study

Author ZhuDan
Tutor GaoZhenPing
School Jilin University
Course Human Anatomy and Embryology
Keywords mild cognitive impairment Alzheimer’s disease hippocampus volume magnetic resonance imaging
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective:Alzheimer’s disease(AD) as an unkown progressive and degenerativedisease is most primary form of dementia.Some research survey results aboutthe people of65years of age or older found that its prevalence was4.2%,butover the same period the people of dementia’s prevalence was6.3%.AD is aimplicit onset onslanght disease,early this disease is no teasy to find.Moreoverpresently no biological markers as diagnostic criteria are established before thesymptoms are shown.So AD is diagnosis difficult in early period.AD is characterised by senile pulaqe and neurofibrillary tangles.The mostnoticeable deficit is memory loss, which shows as an obvious difficulty toremember recently learned facts and an inability to acquire new information.For the past few years,with the development of neuroimaging, hippocampusatrophy has been one of main neuropathological features and a lot of literaturesthat using MRI to diagnose AD are reported. At present the conclusions of amore consistent: hippocampal atrophy is a sensitive indicator of the AD.This study attempted to assess brain structural changes in patients with ADusing3-dimensional magnetic resonance,discuss the relationship of AD andmild cognitive impairment(MCI) with grey matter volume, hippocampusvolume and ventricular volume, which can provide an objective basis for thediagnosis of AD.Materials and Methods:Subjects were divided into two groups, The patients with AD and MCI,each group20patients。MCI group use the Petersen etc. established standard; AD group use the Mini-mental state examination(MMSE) to select the patientswhich have cognitive impairment, then diagnosis AD according to the standardof DSM-IV. The patients of two groups underwent the conventionalMRI(contains T1WI and T2WI), and the coronal scan perpendicular to thehippocampus. The image taken was processed on the PHLIPS workstation.Analyze the data using the SPSS13.0for windows.Results:1. Group AD and group MCI in the age,sex,education level no markeddifference,but the dgree of MMSE have the marked difference.2.There is significant difference between the group of AD and MCI in thetotal brain volume.3.The Hippocampal volume-to-brain volume ratio, gray matter of thebrain-to-brain volume ratio and lateral ventrical volume-to-brain volume havestatistical difference.4.The white matter has no significant difference in the group of AD andMCI.Conclusion:The volume of gray matter and hippocampal dramatically reduced inAlzheimer’s disease group. The gray matter of the brain-to-brain volume ratiohas changed obviously, and lateral ventricle volume is extended in the ADgroup. however, brain white matter volume, the volume of gray matter betweenGroups AD and group MCI have not changed a lot.

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