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Related Research between First Depressive Disorder and Serum IL-6, IL-17

Author MaoLiJuan
Tutor TianFeng
School Shanxi Medical
Course Psychiatry and Mental Health
Keywords First depressive disorder IL-6 IL-17 Life events personality traits social support
CLC R749.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Objective:Thorough the determination of serum cytokines IL-6, IL-17levels in Firstdepressive disorder patients, and its correlation with the first episode of majordepressive disorder, to investigate the function of cytokine IL-6, IL-17in thepathogenesis of depressive disorder provide a scientific basis for the diagnosis andtreatment of major depressive disorder.Methods:Using Case-control study, and the enrollment exclusion criteria to strictly selectsubjects.Case group:40First depressive disorder patients, who were cured before andafter by SSRI drugs were determined the serum IL-6、IL-17, using ELSIA, andassessed using HAMD、LES、SSS and EPQ.6weeks after treatment, determined theserum IL-6、IL-17, evaluated HAMD.Control group:40healthy control subjects, matched in age, gender, educationlevel with case group, HAMD score <7points, no family history of mental disordersin three generations of two-line family history. Compared the serum IL-6、IL-17withthe case group.Statistical analysis using SPSS16.0, the contrast of serum interleukin levels incontrol and case group, with Two independent samples t-test; the contrast of casegroup, before and after treatment, Serum interleukin levels, with paired t-test.Qualitative data were compared with chi-square test; serum interleukin levels withmajor depressive disorder scale correlation analysis use pearson correlation analysis.Count data expressed as mean±standard deviation (X±s), P <0.05, was statisticallysignificant.Results:①The first depressive disorder patients, before treatment, showed increasedscrum level of IL-6, IL-17compared with the healthy control group and the casegroup after treatment, p<0.05., Significantly, After treatment, scrum level of IL-17was higher than control group, p<0.05, Significantly. But, serum IL-6levels showedthe control group no significant difference with the control group.②HAMD totalscore of the patient group before treatment was significantly higher than the patientgroup after treatment, was statistically significant (p<0.05).③the patient grouppretreatment, serum levels of IL-17and HAMD total score, the total amount ofstimulation of the life events, negative events, the EPQ quality of the spirit of the EPQneuroticism was positively correlated (p <0.05); but IL-6and HAMD total points wasno significant correlation, IL-6and the total amount of stimulation and LES, the LESnegative events stimulate the EPQ psychoticism, the EPQ’s neuroticism waspositively correlated (p <0.05).④HAMD score in the case group before and aftertreatment was positively correlated (p <0.05) with reduce the degree of IL-17andsocial support scores. Conclusion:①Serum IL-6, IL-17of case group levels higher than the control, but reducedafter SSRI antidepressant drug treatment, suggesting that the cytokine IL-6, IL-17may be involved in the pathophysiological process of starting depressive disorder.②The patients, who has neurotic personality traits of psychoticism, experienced morenegative life events, the more obviously scrum level of IL-6, IL-17increased. And themore severe who depressed, the more obviously scrum level of IL-17increased.

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