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Tumour Associated Macrophages and Matrix Metalloproteinase-9Expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Correlates with Metastasis and Mechanism Study

Author LiuWeiFeng
Tutor GeYongSheng; JiaWeiDong
School Anhui Medical University,
Course Surgery
Keywords hepatocellular carcinoma human hepatic carcinoma cell line tumorassociated macrophages matrix metalloproteinase9 metastasis
CLC R735.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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【Objective】(1) To evaluate the expression of tumour associated macrophages (TAMs)and matrix metalloproteinase-9(MMP-9) in hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) tissues andanalyse their correlation with HCC metastasis and clinicopathological characteristics.(2)To detect effects of TAMs on metastasis of HCC cell lines with various metastaticpotentials and their MMP-9expression, In addition, it is also to elucidate correlation ofthe expression of TAMs and MMP-9in HCC with its biological function and molecularmechanism, and objectively assess the prognosis of HCC.【Methods】(1) Immunohistochemistry(IHC) was used to detect the expression ofCD68and MMP-9in a hospital-based cohort of patients, and HCC tissues, accordingto attack Portal Vein Tumor Thrombus (PVTT),were divided into2groups. Thecorrelation between CD68and MMP-9expression with PVTT and otherclinicopathologic features were also analyzed. Statistical analysis was performed byusing SPSS software.(2) In addition, it is also to evaluate the metastatic differencesbetween HCC cell lines with different metastatic potential co-cultured withmacrophages in a transwell chamber system. RT-PCR were used to detect theexpression of MMP-9Mrna in HCC cell lines co-cultured with TAMs and not, andanalyse their correlation.【Results】(1) Immunohistochemically, in all the samples of72HCC patients, theexpression of TAMs were located in the cytoplasm and membrane, and MMP-9wasmainly expressed in the cytoplasm. The positive rate of MMP-9expression and TAMsdistribution in HCC patients with PVTT were significantly higher than those without tumor thrombus (P <0.05). The expressions of MMP-9were positively correlated withnumber of TAMs (r=0.474, P <0.01).(2) The metastasis of HCC cell lines with different metastatic potential co-cultured withmacrophages after24hours increased significantly (P <0.05). Between the3cell linesco-cultured with macrophages, the metastasis improvement in MHCC97H wassignificantly higher than SMMC7721(P<0.05); so as the MMP-9expression detectedby RT-PCR.【Conclusions】The expression level of TAMs was positively correlated with themetastasis of HCC and their level in HCC patients is significantly correlated withMMP-9expression. TAMs may present a metastatic marker for HCC patients aftersurgery, and it may promote the invasion of HCC through increasing HCC cell’sMMP-9expression.

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