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Studies on Port Logistics Development of Bengbu

Author YinFeng
Tutor LiTaiPing
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Logistics Engineering
Keywords Bengbu Port Port Logistics Throughput Prediction Regression analysis
CLC F552.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Port is the combination of the two transport systems of the waterway and land transportation point, you can give full play to the various logistics activities of the organization, coordination and convergence process services and distribution, warehousing, customs clearance, processing advantages, the port connection to the development of the logistics industry and boosters. At the request of the modern logistics industry, network, efficient development, in the process of development of modern integrated logistics the \Port usually has a cargo handling, storage, transportation, distribution, customs clearance, bonded and information services functions, management and organizational strengthening adjusted logistics activities, to logistics activities carried out centralized control, timely information to pass and transport efficiency of the requirements, on will bring huge economic benefits. Therefore, vigorously development of Bengbu port logistics, accelerate the Northern Areas of the logistics industry is an important development, convenient and feasible and effective way. However, Bengbu basically at the traditional way of logistics and transportation services, although aware of how the development of modern integrated logistics direction, but only to stay on the general knowledge and understanding of different, and the lack of a more in-depth and systematic research . The face of it, due to the management system, the concept of information enjoy, resulting in the service function of a single port in the city building no better play: First, the construction of port logistics infrastructure is seriously inadequate; Second, management mess attributable different fragmented, still belong to the management, the management level is not high, can not adapt to the market economy and social development needs; Third, logistics, low level of technology, limited business services intensive integration; Fourth, the policy environment institutional barriers to the development of port logistics. Paper has systematically analyzed the basic conditions for the development of port logistics in Bengbu Port, the status quo, the problems and target development strategy, and in port cargo throughput quantitative analysis based on the proposed the Bengbu Port Logistics Development Strategy. First, the logistics theory as a guide, the analysis method using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis. In the study on the basis of development of port logistics in China, the use of a linear regression, multiple linear regression analysis method of Bengbu Hong Kong since 1994, cargo throughput quantitative analysis, forecasting, clear Bengbu Port Logistics Development Goals. Secondly, in Bengbu port cargo throughput trend forecasting based on, proposed Bengbu Port to the development of port logistics function positioning and strategic objectives: to establish the the the northern Anhui bulk center in Hong Kong status while maintaining the main ore transshipment port hub port status to raise the overall port logistics functions, to achieve leapfrog development of container transport, with the loading and unloading storage in converted containers, port industry, modern logistics, to the development of open, intelligent, integrated, multi-functional modern port direction. Finally, the combination of the level of development of domestic and international logistics to identify the gap between the the Bengbu Port advanced port, and has put forward Bengbu to the development of modern logistics Measures of the implementation of the strategic objectives: to strengthen the construction of infrastructure, reduce logistics costs, strengthen logistics information network construction, development of green logistics.

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