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Reliability and Validity of Stress Vulnerability Scale in Soldiers

Author GuoJieQiong
Tutor ZhuXia
School Fourth Military Medical University
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords Soldiers Stress vulnerability Reliability Validity Exploratory factoranalysis Confirmatory factor analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With continual expansion and diversification of military missions of our army inpeacetime, psychological stress reaction become to the research focus of militarypsychology, many studies about stress is gradually perfect and achieved someachievement. At present most research according to the needs of clinical therapy, themajor resources were put into the studies of prevention and treatment of PTSD. But theprediction research for stress disorder is very lack, there is an important reason for theunderdevelopment of discussion being lack of special measurement for valid andsystematic evaluation, and this is largely limited the related research. According to currentsituation of the study, in order to further advance the forecast study of stress disorder,reduce the stress disorder occurred in the military in the task of probability, improve jobperformance, on the basis of a large number of literature review, this study combined with the expert interview, questionnaire compiled the military stress susceptibility prediction.This study on the basis of literature review combined with mental service in multiplemilitary tasks, experts interviews, and according to the preliminary theoretical suppositiondid some preliminary experiments, concluded that military stress susceptibility predictionquestionnaire seven dimensions, including traumatic events, negative coping style, mentalflexibility, personality characteristics, daily mood, trait anxiety and social support. Thenaccording to the requirements of psychometrics about test construction to analyze andmodify the original items, and preliminarily determines the five dimensions, includingtraumatic events, negative coping style and negative qualities, positive emotion andinterpersonal support, forms the questionnaire. On this basis, for the second testing,complete the reliability and validity of inspection, and form the final questionnaire.This research mainly draws the following conclusions:(1) The psychological state of soldiers can significantly predict daily task stress disorderoccurred in probability, can predict stress disorder occurred stress susceptibility predictionfactors show the traumatic events, negative coping style and negative qualities, positiveemotion and interpersonal support and so on five aspects;(2) The military stress susceptibility prediction questionnaire accord with therequirement of psychometrics has good reliability and validity, can accurately and reliablypredict incidence of the stress disorder in soldiers’ tasks;(3) Stress susceptibility factors of traumatic events, negative coping style and negativetraits can be positive to predict the likelihood of stress disorder occurs;(4) The most emotional and interpersonal support among stress susceptibility factors asregulating factors, can effectively promote the military doesn’t adapt to a certainpsychological adjustment, have protective effect;(5) Military stress susceptibility prediction questionnaire score higher than121individuals in the task of the possibility of stress disorder is higher.

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