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The Optimization Analysis of Ratio of Drugs Prescription Used Mixture Based on Genetic Algorithms

Author LiuXiaoHong
Tutor ChouLiXia
School Shanxi Medical
Course Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
Keywords mixture design the constraint condition Genetic Algorithms optimization analysis
CLC R943
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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There are many issues about the optimization analysis of drugs prescription in pharmacy Domain. Such as drugs are filled with effective components, accessories,fillers and other components by suitable proportion under certain conditions. Mixture design is the method that studies the relationship of mixed material with some characteristics or comprehensive performance by means of physical experiment or no-physical experiment. The composition must be expressed with the percentage of mixing, and the sum must be1.It is an important issue of mixture optimization study to reduce cost and increase economic benefits, which how to carry on the mixing experiment design, how to construct a mathematical model, and how to determine the optimal formula, matching conditions under the circumstances.The traditional methods about the optimization analysis of drugs prescription are the direct method, contouring method, mountain climbing method, projection pursuit and so on, but they have great subjectivity or local optimal problem. So they can not solve the problems encountered in the practical work, limiting the application in pharmacy. In recent years, Genetic Algorithm is a search technique based on Darwin’s theory of evolution and Mendel’s genetic theory, imitating the fittest rules of biological evolution process, and avoiding effectively the local optimization. Genetic Algorithm shows more advantages than traditional methods in the optimization analysis of mixture design with the constraint condition.The topic of the paper is to introduce simplex lattice mixture, simplex centroid mixture and Genetic Algorithm,combineing with each other,and providing a feasible method for pharmaceutical research of mixture design of single objective optimization problem.The first part is the summarization of mixture design.introduces the concept of mixture design,model building and geometric explanation of mixture regional. Introduces the principle of simplex lattice mixture,simplex centroid mixture. Single lattice takes test points in the corresponding equilateral single-shaped lattice.As the number of experimental points of{p, d}-order single lattice is equal to the number of parameters to be estimated in the d-order complete polynomial regression mode, it is saturated design. It is optimal design in the significance of the number of tests at least.Simplex centroid design is only to take the vertex center of gravity (j=1,2,...,) as test points, and the simplex centroid design is saturated designs. The simplex centroid experimental point of non-zero coordinates are equal, thus it can eliminate the affect of the non-zero coordinates unequal to the estimates of regression coefficients.The second part is Single objective optimization of Genetic Algorithm.Introduces the principle,basic steps of Genetic Algorithm,outstanding the advantage of Genetic Algorithm to optimize mixture design of drugs prescription.The third part is evaluating effect Genetic Algorithm based on mixture design, makeing use of standard test function to test Genetic Algorithm,comparing with traditional methods, second Partial derivative method,Contours method. x1is beyond the range of the constraint by second Partial derivative method,so it can not solve mixture design; Contours method is subjective and local optimal,can’t give a precise optimal solutions;then Genetic Algorithm can give a precise selection of the independent variable appropriate combination, search results are stable.The fourth part is the optimization analysis of drugs prescription used mixture design based on Genetic Algorithms.The optimized research of prescription preparation technology of repaglinide,with (3.2) simplex lattice mixture, for exploratory analysis with Genetic Algorithms.around30generations,the search results are stability, the optimal proportion of PEO303:MCC PH101:Lactose is13.6%:14.5%:71.4%,the optimal of mucoadhesion(y) is0.2610N,at the same time,the drug release at2h and drug release at8h is25.73%,88.45%,respectively.the solution are superior to contour method.The optimization analysis of ratio of buccal adhesive tablet of miconazole nitrate,with (3,3) simplex centroid mixture,for exploratory analysis with Genetic Algorithms.around15generations,the search results are stability.the optimal proportion of carbopol:HPMC:PVP is0.36:0.29:0.35,the average of drug release is93.37,the highest level is93.52.Through exploratory research by means of Genetic Algorithms,show that it it suitable for the optimization analysis of mixture design with the constraint condition,providing the reasonable plan, for the practical application of drug research provide a feasible, simple method.

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