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Coparative Analyses of Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism of Flue-cured Tobacco Growing in Henan and Yunnan

Author ZhaoZuoZuo
Tutor CuiHong
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Tobacco science
Keywords Flue-cured tobacco Ecological region Carbon and nitrogen metabolism Ultrastructure Gene expression Enzyme activity Chemical composition
CLC S572
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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To characterize the difference of carbon and nitrogen metabolism of tobacco in different ecological regions and its effectes on leaf flavour, the flue-cured tobacco cultivar K326 growing in Pingdingshan, Henan and Yuxi, Yunnan, were comparatively studied in years 2009-2010, including gene expression, chemical composition, enzyme activities as well as chloroplast ultrastructure. The main results are as follows.1.Less flocculent osmiophilic granules and more and big starch grains have been seen in henan tobacco when the leaves ages 20 days ,more flocculent osmiophilic granules were blocked condensation and less and little starch grains were in the same ages in Yunnan tobacco . when in the leaves ages 40-60days more statrch grains were in Yunnan tobacco , but more osmiophilic grainules in Hennan tobacco .2 .The activities of Invertase in Hennan tobacco bigger than Yunnan tobacco former leaves ages 40days.and reverse after this ages . the activities of starch phosphorylation enzyme were little difference in the early leaves ages between Hennan tobacco and Yunnan tobacco. but the activities of enzyme in Henan bigger than Yunnan. the activities of nitrate reductase consistent with the change between Yunnan and Henan. But Henan tobacco activities bigger than Yunnan tobacco in the later period . the activities of glutamine synthetase bigger in Henan tobacco , in the later priod the activities are essentially the same between Hennan and Yunnan3. The starch synthesis enzymes genes AGP, GBSS and sucrose synthase genes SPS in Yunnan tobacco express stronger than Hennan tobacco in the fomer leaves ages .Yunann tobacco nitrogen metabolism key enzyme genes NR, Nii2,Gln1-3 express little stronger than Hennan .4 The total sugar content in growth period in Henan tobacco were more than Yunnan tobacco . but Yunnan tobacco become more after curing. The starch content were more between 20-40 days of leaves ages in Henan tobacco, less between 40-60days of leaves ages in Yunnan tobacco. The changes of content total nitrogen and nicotine were same in Henan tobacco and Yunnan tobacco. But the content of nicotine become less after curing between Henan and Yunnan.5 Microarray hybridization results showed the genes expression have bigger difference with the development of Hennan and Yunnan flue-cured tobacco . 373genes expression have differences in the two different areas , and the genes about carbon and nitrogen metabolism have more percents

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