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A Comparative Study between Woolf and Simone De Beauvoir Feminist

Author JiangShan
Tutor LiuTie
School Liaoning University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords WoolfBeauvoirFeminismAndrogyny Existentialist perspective on women
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Virginia Woolf, a female British stream-of-consciousness writer, critics andfeminism theorist in early20th century, could be seem as a feminism avant guard whohas written numerous works that greatly enrich the western feminism literature. Woolfhas shown her independence and determined feminist standpoint in the famous "A Roomof One’s Own". She has put forward the creative concept as "Androgyny" that played avital role under such a literary circle with patriarchy kind of background. At the sametime, in feminist history, Simone de Beauvoir led such numbers women and laterfeminist scholars on the path of Woman’s Liberation and deeply impacted patriarchysociety. Through the work of "The Second Sex", Simone de Beauvoir has attempted toanalyze and animadvert the female images in five European male writers’ literatures asMontherlant, Breton, Claudel, Lawrence and Stendhal.In this paper, there is a compare between Virginia Woolf and Simone de Beauvoirfor their feminist standpoint, and also a parallel comparison among their works andfeminist views. In order to find the reasons of the similarities and differences betweenWoolf and Beauvoir’s ideas, this paper has summarized and researched the standards ofliterary criticism theories, female character images in their works, binary development ofmen and women, and other facts. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the differentfeminist thoughts with different historical background and life experience by analyzingthe two great women writers’ works.Woolf and Beauvoir’s feminism thoughts have differences in the ranges,perspectives, profundities, and other factors because of their different personal growthexperience and the background of the time. Both Woolf and Beauvoir have volition ofopposing weak character, strong sense of personality, rebelling of patriarchal society, andsimilar opinions on marriage, reproduction and even homosexual. They are the pioneersof breaking through the patriarchal autarchy.

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