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The Chinese word "translation method"

Author ZhaoMengDi
Tutor LiuShuRen
School Jilin University
Course Translation
Keywords Function words
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Since ancient times, there are many Asian countries on the Chinese characters Chinese been transformed and used as the national language, especially in a narrow strip of water and Chinese position of Japan, is still a lot of use Chinese characters. Now commonly used Chinese characters in Japanese, 1945 words, the use of Japanese Chinese characters is one of the original Japanese many Chinese learning. Yan Fu has been in the "evolution" of "the introduction" put forward: "Translation: faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance, difficulties. The letter has been difficult, Gu Xinyi not reached, although the translation has still not been translated, then reached yet." The so-called "letter", no cheating, no doubt. Refers to the meaning of the original text does not violate, the translation to be accurate, does not distort, does not omit, do not arbitrarily or meaning; "Da", pass. Refers to rigidly adhere to the original form, the semantics should be smooth to understand, so that the audience to fully understand; "elegance", is also. Refers to the words properly, meet the rhetoric used language in translation. Most content words in Chinese can be found in the corresponding words in Japanese, translation is not difficult, difficult is the translation of words have no actual meaning is essential. Translation of words, not only to correctly understand the meaning of the expression, but also to be in the process of translation as close as possible to the Japanese language habits, cultural background. Many research results on lexical translation, but the study of function word translation is less. There are a lot of frequently used words in the Chinese language, "he" is one of them. Because "it" has many meanings, has different meanings in different contexts. Therefore, "" as a high frequency of use and easy to have a research on the meaning of the value of confusing words. Study on word translation must use examples to explain, this draft for sample selection to follow two principles: one is to choose the familiar work; two is to choose the language characteristics of the works. The above is based on two principles, this paper chose "love in a fallen city" and "camel Xiangzi" the two department is win universal praise and representative works. In order to study words "is" how to translate, must know "" what meaning. A function word "" meaning, there are many studies, there are also many dictionary of "will" do explain. One of the most comprehensive is the "modern Chinese Dictionary", "Xinhua Dictionary". Through the collation, I put the word "it" is divided into three categories: adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions POS POS POS. This paper combined with "love in a fallen city", "camel Xiangzi" two works "on the word" translation, the translation methods of function words "" express different meaning in different part of speech are analyzed one by one.

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