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A Study on Translation Skills by Comparing Target Texts of Literary Translation

Author ZhaoZuoNuan
Tutor ChengChunYou
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Cross-cultural Translation Literary Translation Text comparison Translation skill foreignization domestication
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This thesis made an analysis of the Japanese literature in translation during the modern period in China.According to functional translation theory,it tried to research on translation behaviour which considered as a front line of cross-cultural communication with translation theories of culture studies.Toward integrating qualitative and quantitative methods,the thesis chose target texts of the same work as corpus dates, and discussed from the perspective of synchronic and diachronic.Through specific classification and data collection,it counted and analysed cultural translation skills from words that appeared on the literary works used to transfer cultural message,also it studied the similarities and differences between different target text and its causes from a macro-cultural context.Translation of the current culture has made many achievements. From the available information, the cultural translation of the writings can be divided into three categories:one from the macro will be emphasis on theory and translation theory of cultural integration, discusses the cultural translation of the urgent and important, analytical strategies of cultural translation factor; second list of cultural translation from the micro optional strategy, citing examples demonstrate; third type of comparison through the translation, compared to culture-specific strategies compete with the actual results produced. The first study will help us to grasp from a theoretical level the relationship between translation and culture, the second widened Le translation strategy for our range of options, the third category can help us see the actual use of different cultural Translation effect arising. This article also belongs to the specific cultural translation strategy. But this view, although the optional practical research strategy, but one of the examples are often from different texts, in terms of the integrity of context, or from the text type, it is difficult to ensure consistent, in addition to individual factors of the translator also considered little too limiting their choice of specific policy guidance value. If it is purely for the effect of the different choice of translation strategies compared to the final conclusion is often the strategy has two advantages in different areas, and the conclusion can only stay in the combination of two strategies will be better. And researchers in these discussions because the subjective factors can not be ignored, so often lead to different results because different perspective.Because the translation behavior in two different languages and cultures as the premise, the problems arising from factors in addition to the language itself, but also to factors outside of language, cultural differences that are closely related to two different, two different translators in facilitating language and culture exchange between What role? Between the two versions is how the relationship? This is with these questions, the same text a certain number of randomly selected culture-loaded words for analysis, examined the cultural aspects of different cultures in the loaded words in a different translation strategies described by the translator similarities and differences. Translation by means of different statistics on the frequency of quantitative analysis methods to reveal the different factors in different cultures deal with the translator’s bias, and to explore the cultural circle distance and the translator in terms of personal factors such as the impact of this bias.

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