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Messianic Redemption Under the Ideal of the "Aura" and "Shocked"

Author XuNing
Tutor XuKeChao
School Liaoning University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Walter Benjamin Messiah Aura Shock Art theory
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Benjamin’s theory of art criticism research is not purely for academic interest,but he is more sensitive awareness of the threat of the modern secular world of thefallen. Benjamin’s concern was not modern art on the secular world to achievesalvation, but how the modern art the Redeemer Messiah ideal. Although Benjamin isa Marxist scholars, but always his thoughts behind the hidden spirit of Jewishmysticism and the Messianic salvation ideal. Benjamin Messianic salvation idealsecular society the more the performance of the hopeless, the more the fallen world toa place beyond the ruins of salvation in that place with the Paradise intersection. Onlythe complete destruction of the secular value of all the ruins of the world can berescued.Paper is divided into six parts:1) Introduction;2) Messiah-Benjamin artistictheory of the soul;3) the dissipation of the halo;4) the shock;5) The art ofredemption;6) ConclusionThe introduction first of Benjamin’s research status on the comb and summary;followed to elaborate the content of the topics and it has theoretical and practicalsignificance; again in elucidating the innovation of this paper further illustrates thetopics features; Finally, we illustrate the method of this study, oriented Benjaminreligious salvation aesthetic elaboration good logical argument.The first chapter discusses the Messiah tradition of Benjamin. Benjamin in termsof the creative individual, the Messiah’s salvation ideal has been the ultimate goal ofhis theory of creation. Benjamin system of thought and art theory, the JewishMessianic salvation ideal subtle accompanied by his literary and philosophicalcreation.The second chapter illustrates the inherent vitality of the Halo art, whether it isnatural life into the traditional art or modern art contained in the works of art. Onlyhalo in the period of traditional art as external form is presented to the world, in theage of mechanical reproduction, the halo gradually retreat to fast food can beproduced behind the art, other art forms play it gave birth to life movement mission.The third chapter is this really experience the elaboration of Benjamin trying to surrealism theory against the reality of the fallen to return to the human. To achievethe "experience" and "experience" to distinguish capture the memories of the past andthe loss of self. From a psychological point of view, such an analysis: modern art withthe destruction of the commodity fetishism of the human tendency to "shock" peopleto regain the truth of the experience.Chapter IV reveals the fallen world of art activities for the better Fangui lifeitself, we should be better in a modern artistic life to seize the moment. The salvationof all the secular world should start from the denial of reality, only to save human lifeto achieve the Messiah ideal.Conclusion In the final summary of Benjamin’s theory of art, reveals thatsalvation is achieved between the despair of the hope of life and culture of unlimitedextension; the real ideal of the Messiah is forever yet to come.

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