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Field Work in the Vision of Modern Art Theory

Author LiuQingChun
Tutor ZhangShiShan
Course Art
Keywords art theory discipline field work empirical study
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This article explores the neces sity of emerging trends andacademic value of the field work from the development of thediscipline of Chinese ar t Angle. Tr ying to mi cro and macro disciplinefield case interpretation of the construction of two-way ex amine,discussed in field work as the base of empirical studies on theChinese mo dern art, the development of the discipline of correctiveaction and promoting significance.the develop ment of the disciplineof corrective action and promoting significance, and in the coursecross, and academic growth significance to explore art and folklore,anthropology of the deep docking. Clearly, in a long period in history,with field work is the characteristic of folklore, artistic anthropologyart will still be modern Chinese art system dynamic researchdirection.Chapter1,"Chinese modern art reform of field work"Since1978, the Chinese modern art combs the academichistory, the experience of modernity and localization of two steering.Especially in the process of the localization of art to, to field work asthe base of empirical studies become a highly dynamic tributaries. Inthe academic history of field work trend framework understanding ofthe necessity of the emerging in the value of the whole subject levelto re-examine the field work method used widely, is the focus of thischapter discusses.The chapter2,"field work under the ecological view of folkart” What is field work, and how to solve art problems by fieldwork?This paper takes laiwu bangzi in Xi Dangyu Village as a case, to readthe survival logicion of its troupe fro m the village context. Thus thefolk artistic shape based on the spec ific theory and method of FieldWork is presented.To analyze the background and reasons of Laiwu bangzisurvives in the village, that’s, from a stream to amateur playing, toprofessional troupe established. And then discuss the deep reasons ofits rapid growth from the village’s humanistic traditions. Afterexploring the politics, economy, village power struggle of the troupe,to summarize the history change and its inner logic. This chapter isthe concrete practice of folklore field work, and also specific effortsof actual writing in the modern Art’s new landscapes.Chapter3"the value and positioning of art field work "Starting from the analysis of field cases, this paper describes thelatest idea of writing of folk arts and the value of the study on"localization". Then to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of FieldWork on Arts, to boil down to the discussion of academic value ofnew landscape of Arts, finally to complete academic position of FieldWork in now and future’s Arts Studies.

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