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Impact of Xu Beihong’s Painting Ideas on Chinese Art Education

Author ZhaoZuoZuo
Tutor JinXiaoMin
School Shanxi Normal University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Artistic conception realistic The reform Pen and ink modelling ability true Aesthetic education influences
CLC J212
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Near, modern art master, famous painter, art educator in China, anadvocate of the reform of Chinese painting practitioner, creator andpursuit of Western painting techniques, fusion, sketch transplantationfirst realism to China History--Xu Beihong. The art of love dedication,learning and vigorously carry forward the European scientific andrational thinking, realism painting idea and accurate rigorousmodeling point of view, that the highest standards of art is to achieve"lifelike". For the introduction of Western art, not only broke thetraditional Chinese painting of the situation, the input fresh blood tothe Chinese traditional painting, but also brought great influence onChinese traditional painting, brought new techniques and someconfusion, for Chinese painters such as: emphasis on one of the mostimportant standards to judge the accuracy of the method and theother, the pursuit of realistic painting art level is accurate modelingability etc. these views have been Chinese painter learning to use.Relations between the two concepts of painting of Xu Beihongadvocated that, Western painting fusion concept and realistic painting ideas and Chinese art education. First of all, the concept ofintegration, the western painting. Through the comparative analysisof style and creative thinking of Western painting, and thensummarize how Xu Beihong put in, the western art successful fusion?"Horses","appreciation of great determination and courage" andother works that: the main means and techniques of painting is theoriental artistic conception and Western sketch fusion. Secondly, therealistic painting ideas. Analysis of the aesthetic realism, shapingwith realistic techniques of expression of Chinese traditional paintingthe beauty of artistic conception, the technique of using black andwhite sketch modeling, bring fresh blood to Chinese artists, in theChinese painting history has far-reaching influence. Finally, theinfluence of two painting idea on Chinese art education, as well as thecontribution that Xu Beihong made in Chinese art education aspect,and comprehensively promote the development of China’s fine arts.The sketch modeling ability to advocate the use of western scientificperspective and anatomy idea to develop the painter, thus creatingthe art of Chinese painting model. The new painting art philosophy notonly to Chinese painting has undergone radical change but also to theChinese art education has the important influence, eventually formingtheory of aesthetic education theory of ideology and reform oftraditional Chinese painting with Chinese characteristics, has apositive impact on the theory of Chinese contemporary artist and arteducator.China’s "charm United States and Europe, the perfect combinationof physical beauty is the core concept of Xu Beihong painting,Chinese painting" image "the concept of thinking into the shape of the Western realist principle, creating a rich characteristics of thetimesinnovative painting depicting the techniques and ideas.Provided inspiration to the Chinese painter, the use of Westernrealism painting performance art creation, help us create innovativecontemporary painting.

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