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The Characteristics of Higashino Keigo’s Detective Novels

Author QinSiSi
Tutor LiuZuo
School Hunan University
Course Chinese Language and Literature
Keywords Higashino Keigo Theme Artistic technique
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Higashino Keigo is contemporary Japanese detective novelist. With publishing<the dedication of X criminal suspect> in2006, he has become the detectiveacademia’s leading writers of Japan, as in the whole East Asia, he has also set off a "Higashino Keigo cyclone".Up to now he has been the synonym of detective stories ofJapan. Domestic academic emphasis on Japanese pure literature study, and to most ofthe Chinese readers, Keigo is quite a new writer, on his research is still in its infancyin China. This paper is based on Keigo’s translation work which have alreadypublished in China, through the creation of his work background, novel theme andartistic research, strive to achieve a full frame of Higashino Keigo in his "realistic andoriginal " style characteristics and the inheritance and innovation of Japanesetraditional style of the detective stories.It starts with a brief introduction of Higashino Keigo’s life, the research situationand research methods in this article.Chapter I The creation background of Higashino Keigo’s novels. It divided intotwo sections, a profile of Japanese detective novels and the cause of formation ofKeigo’s "realistic and original style”. Keigo’s novel style is the inevitable product inthe development of Japanese detective stories. It has blended the "new society style"and the "new original style" feature, emphasize both on the content and the form. Thecause formation of the style comes from both society and personal experience.Chapter II The analysis on the themes of Keigo’s novels. It divided into fivesections, research the mainly five themes of Keigo’s detective stories. Though theanalysis, we could obtain writer’s values of social, science, family, human nature andfemale. Keigo’s stories involve Japanese condition in all aspects of society, combinethe criminal motives "social" with the realistic approach to the causes of the tragedyof life due to the community.Chapter III Article technique analysis. It divided into three sections, study thestructure, the angle of view and the character separately. In the structure, Keigo hasbroken the traditional detective novels’ single narrative mainly of way, large useddouble track even more line narrative; in the description perspective, he both usednon-focused and outside focused, also used within focused; in the character shaping,he is no longer continued flat type of character image, and more side, and more angle, and Omni-directional to for description; his novels have also broken the traditionaldetective novels closed of text mode, left the readers many blank. Keigo’s creation inartistic technique makes his detective stories’ plot not only compact, complex layout,but also make the plot climax occur repeatedly.

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