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A Study of the Influence of Western Modernism on KI-Rim Kim’s Poetics and Poetry

Author JinXiangLian
Tutor HongXueHua
School Yanbian University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Western modernistic literature Ki-Rim Kim’s poetry Ki-Rim Kim’s poetics influence study Reception Aesthetics
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Western modernistic literature is not only a result of anti-reaso n and anti-tradition in modern western society, but also a reflection of spiritual crisis in the field of literature. The birth of Western modernistic literature also opens a new era for literature of modern ist school in other countries.The impact of the thought of Western modernistic literature on li terature of modernist school in Korea is all-round and multi-level, w hich can be found almost everywhere. Over the last one hundred years, literary circle of Korea is influenced by the dominant discourse of w estern literature and theory. Thus, the reference and absorption from western literary thought is unequivocal. In the1920s and1930s, the Japanese imperialist carries out a series of polices aiming at polit ical oppression and economic resources plundering. Under the high-pre ssure policies, Korean man of letters, represented by Ki-Rim Kim rece ived the influence of western modernist literary thought by Japan ind irectly.Ki-Rim Kim is the founder of Korean modernistic literature. On on e hand, he translates and spreads the theory of western modernistic1iterature. On the other hand, he plays an important role in the writi ng field of literature of modernist school in Korea. Triggered by the trend of translation of western modernistic literature, Ki-Rim Kim b egins to pay attention to the learning of theory and techniques of we stern modernistic literature. However, he is not content with imitati on without creation. Based on learning and receiving, he reveals a un ique literary style of himself, which adds color to Korean modernisti c literature.The thesis intends to use a comprehensive method which combines i nfluence study and aesthetics of reception to make comparative study between Ki-Rim Kim’s modernistic works and Western modernistic liter ature. Firstly, the thesis discusses the impact of Western modernisti c literature on Ki-Rim Kim’s modernistic works as well as the concer et manifestation of such impact. Secondly, the main reason of Ki-Rim Kim’s acceptance of Western modernism is mainly discussed. Thirdly, the thesis analysis the relationship between Korean tradition and Ki-Rim Kim’s poetics and poems as well as the ethnic characteristics th ey embodied.

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