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A Study of the White Tiger from the Subaltern Perspective

Author HuangXiaoHui
Tutor LiMeiMin
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Subaltern The White Tiger Aravind Adiga Identity low Class
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The Subaltern School was a school rised during the process of the Leftintellectual in India against the elitism at the early1980s. The subaltern schoolbrought the surname, class, gender into analysis process, and turned the focus to theoppression within nation rather than the inequality relationship between west and east.Since the1930s, Indian English literature aroused attention in English world. Incontemporary literature circle, Indian English literature become an important part ofIndian literature in the world. The White Tiger, written by Aravind Adiga, won theBooker Prize. In the novel, Aravind Adiga pay attention to the subaltern’s situation,explessed the subalterns’ demands. Aravind Adiga gave the power of speak to thesubaltern, then successfully shaped the awoken subaltern images. Because AravindAdiga focus on The White Tiger as the same as the subaltern school, we use thesubaltern theory to analysis Aravind Adiga’s novel could not only enrich the subalterntheory, but also give deeper meanings to The White Tiger.This paper consist of six parts. The introduction part is the book review ofAravind Adiga, and the research background analysis. Chapter one mainly discuss themulticultural environment and the Aravind Adiga’s writing. It includes two aspects:First, introduce the life experience, working experiences history, especially workingas a reporter of Aravind Adiga. All this made Aravind Adiga choose the realistic styleand the angle of view to keep an eye on the subaltern; Next, introduce the maincontent of The White Tiger and the writing style of this novel. Chapter two is thetheory review. This part try to analyse the keyword ‘subaltern’ and introduce the basicthought of subaltern theory. Chapter three will discuss the extension of researchobjects of the subaltern school first, then analyze the situations of the subaltern in TheWhite Tiger by the subaltern theory on the basis of chapter one and chapter two. It willdiscuss the lost of democracy and the lost of individual identity, the caste rejectionand the identity search, the violent implementation and the identity realization.Chapter four mainly explicit the meanings of subaltern research in China.The last part is the conclusion part. Though The White Tiger was set in India, themeaning of the text goes beyond India, but possess a universal meaning. Theconcerning of the bottom groups in Aravind Adiga’s work has an enlightenmentmeaning for the developing countrdes.

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