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The Literature’s Function of Majic Weapon’s Description in the Eight Immortals Literature

Author ZhangXiang
Tutor LiuYongLiang
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords The Eight Immortals Magic weapon Magic weapondescription Function
CLC I209
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In Chinese history,The Eight Immortals is not only the famous immortal Taoism, but also an angel groups.Unlike other Taoist immortal combination, in its development process, the eight immortals groups is changing and developing, and the Magic weapon in their hand is our Object of study, described as the object of study, not only beneficial to explore the evolution track of sin, but also with a unique perspective examines the role of literature. This article take Magic weapon description as the research object, with a large number of literature reading as the basis, introduces the description of their literary tradition and the basic situation of the eight immortals. In addition,the Magic weapon description in the story narrative, characters and cultural aspects of functional role is also our. A total of this paper is divided into five part.The first part introduces the Magic weapon description of the literary tradition, Magic weapon description as a kind of objective described, in the history of Chinese literature has a long history, but out of the immortal Magic weapon description we can call it object description. In The pre-Qin, the specific object description still has some primitive worship influence. In the Wei and Jin Dynasties to Tang Dynasty, the imaging description stage of development, natural curiosity makes object depicting bodies began to flourish, the Ming and Qing Dynasties is the maturation stage, because the novel style development, narrative space extension to object, as the article the title became a noteworthy phenomenon, object description also in the story narrating, characterization and plot development plays a great role in promoting.The second part introduces the eight treasures profiles, according to the characters it can be divided into major and minor Magic weapon.According to sources for literati class, general use category of daily life and animal plant. According to their source,The eight immortals Magic weapon description origin to write or draw lessons from folk tales, or on the basis of literature classics perfunctory, or to adapt a literary form and prosperous.The third part introduces the Eight Immortals literary narrative function. The eight immortals Magic weapon description in the story, the narrative structure, plot and narrative style, produced certain effect. Specific performance in the narrative structure to form a fixed routine, the plot more twists and turns vivid, the narration style to the popular tendency change.The fourth part introduces the Eight Immortals characters function. Magic weapon description of characters function, not only in the eight immortals character, can be seen in the description of the Lv Dongbin Magic weapon immortals core position, but also on the number of original sin character development caused certain effect.The fifth part introduces the communication function of Magic weapon description. Magic weapon description can be seen from the two Buddhist teaching Magic weapon description inheritance and innovation function, not only reflects the integration of Buddhism and Taoism, But also embodies the competition.on the basis of this, as a Taoist immortal, eight treasures Magic weapon description also have the inheritance of Taoist philosophy connotation and the aesthetic ideal function. Basis the research object on Magic weapon description, this different points of view can help us to study the formation and development of Chinese population and its literary significance.it can not only make the face of literary studies take to an altogether new aspect, but also has important significance to the literature history and the construction of our compilation of literary theory.

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