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Wang Guowei "human words" "realm" theory of Cultural Interpretation

Author LiuLing
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Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Wang Guowei "Comments on Ci Poetry" Realm Poetic Imagery LifeAesthetics
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Year 2012
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"Comments on Ci Poetry",a book of Wang Guowei, is a very important works in the history of Ci Poetry study, in which brought forward a significant concept--"Realm" that has become a major subject of study. Over more than one hundred years, since being published on "the research of the quintessence of Chinese culture" in1908, the concept remained popular in academic circle.In academic circle, the concept of "Realm" is mostly researched from the view of poetic imagery, that is, to regard "Realm" as a kind of poetic imagery or, ever further, to equal the two as one.However,they have different connotations. Poetic imagery mainly refers to scope of art while "Realm" contains not only the scope of art but also life and culture. Wang Guowei’s tendency to contain poetic imagery into "Realm" has led to the multiple explanations of the meaning of "conditon" and room for further explanation by the successors. The approach of this dissertation is to start with the art scope and then advance to the life and cultural scopes.Here we consider the poetic imagery as one side of "Realm" which mostly means art whereas the Realm itself could be understood as life and wider cultural scopes.In introduction, we bring forward the research and literatures on "Comments on Ci Poetry" and the "Realm" theory by the predecessors and the approach of this dissertation.Chapter One gives overall comments on "Comments on Ci Poetry" and its author, following the rules of learning about the author before understanding their works by Menci.The whole life of Wang Guowei was full of tragedies, like a legend that left a number of puzzles for the world and has been drawing widespread attentions.Not until we have learned enough about him,could it be possible to understand Wang Guowei’s pieces.Chapter Two introduces the aesthetics origins of "Realm" theory, making a clear definition of "Realm" and finding out how it became a aesthetics concept."Realm" is originally a buddhist phrase and developed into an aesthetics concept afterwards.The forming of of the concept, besides being influenced by the traditional buddhist thinking, greatly derived from the Western aesthetics. In particular, it absorbed Kantian aesthetics image theory and also Schopenhauerian intuition theory. Chapter Three begins research with the artistic beauty,firstly the beauty of Realm in art,that is, the beauty of poetic imagery, and then the beauty of Realm which refers to character and morals. To be specific,"Realm" is firstly a kind of life experience as well as a sort of subject personality. Hence,"Realm" is manifestation of wide and deep life,which on the earth stems from the subject. Without the wide and generous life Realm of subject or its earnest and sincere dedication for life, there won’t be the wide and deep Realm showed in the works. Thus,"Reallm" is a kind of aesthetics point emphasizing the subject--the author itself.Chapter Four interpret Realm theory’s philosophy significance. There are profound thinking of life philosophy in Realm theory. Realm, as the presentation of life philosophy, has its prior value pursuit--to be true, which in specific consists of true feeling, true scenery and true wording--all of which is put forward in Wang Guowei’s "Comments on Ci Poetry". In the mean time,the manifestation of life aesthetics in the works is mainly presented with the personality modes of CI Poetry creators, mostly including Confucian personality mode(e.g. Qu Yuan of ideality-oriented mode and Tu Fu of ethics-oriented mode) and its of Taoism(e.g. Tao Yuanming of nature-oriented and Su Shi of free and easy personality).Chapter Five initiates the interpretation for Realm theory from cultural scope(in narrow sense). As a traditional intellectual, undoubtedly, Wang Guowei had been passed on the culture idiosyncracy of Chinese traditional intellectual. This kind of idiosyncracy was also permeated in Wang’s literary criticism. Therefore, in "Comments on Ci Poetry", there exists profound culture characteristics,which mainly comprises Confucian and Taoism cultural characteristics. While being influenced by Traditional Chinese Culture, Wang Guowei also took nutrition from western culture--humanism. Wang Guowei’s personality could be a reflection of the idiosyncracy mentioned above--though he showed al lot of Taoism thinking in "Comments on Ci Poetry",Wang’s cultural characteristics was still Confucian-orientated whose enterprise and ambition orientation contradict with Wang’s modern scholarism advocating independence,which finally led him to a tragic end.In the last Chapter, the significance and influence of "Comments on Ci Poetry" are presented. The main value of the works includes:1)bringing forward Realm theory,which perfects and summarize the traditional Realm theory;2)combining both eastern and western theory resources to make theory works that initiated the modern literature theory and criticism.3)creatively proposing his own viewpoint of CI Poetry history theoretically based on Theory of Evolution,outlining the overall tendency of the evolution of CI Poetry and analysing the possible reasons for its rise and decline. So far, the cultural interpretation of theory of Realm by Wang Guowei in his "Comments on Ci Poetry" has been concluded.

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