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Study on the poems Huang Tingjian relegation Bashu period

Author XiaoYanHua
Tutor XueXinLi
School Chongqing Technology and Business University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Huangtingjian Bashu Relegate poetry Geographical and cultural
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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HuangTingjian for the famous poet of the Song Dynasty generation unique Poetry lawand the art of poetry,"the Golden" and "reborn" poetics and poetry, admired for futuregenerations. Word for a considerable number reflects not only in Chen Shi Tao Qin, Huangnine "adding that" this pronoun hand, but also in the generation of masters of the Qingzhao"word on the" standard cite Tingjian. Overall, however, the ages Tingjian works tend to thepoles, debating. In this paper, starting from the Tingjian relegation Prachuab period the text ofthe poem works and creative background, two aspects of the poetry of the period of work todo analysis, trying to have been carried out with the objective of positioning and evaluationbased on the comprehensive presentation of the valley relegate poetry style, this articledivided into the following aspects were discussed:First to introduce the valley relegation the Prachuab period of experience, combinedwith the historical background to do a brief review of its human, important mediators ofTingjian relegate literature Research Throughout the life of the Tingjian the, relegate Qianstate, Yizhou, but8years, but thisTingjian I brought a period of impact is immeasurable,Tingjian relegate period of work in recent years has been the concern of academics, theacademic focus on the acceptance and influence on the valley relegate life writing study,study of poetry works and worksseveral aspects, improve the research results to promote thefuture development of the academic field has been very positive.Second, from the start of the relegation Prachuab period the poetry of the text, theclassification analysis, a combination of different themes in-depth study of the relegation ofthe various types of poetry. Tingjian for its knowledgeable, classics, history, children, set allfamiliar with, characterized by easy to use Code, but also to focus on skills ingenious blendTingjian poetics "Golden Touch","completely changed","no one writing can not be at the"characteristics relegate poetry antithesis, with typical rhetoric in three aspects key to itspoetry art features from the word, and syntax two aspects.Relegate literature and relegate cultural relationship from the start of Ba and Shumountains and scenery of communication between the valley created a unique climate, thepeople’s production and labor, vegetation, fish and insects, friends, Exile Prachuab six years,the valley enjoy the Southwestthe mountains and scenery, close contacts with local officialsto friends, leaving a large number of historical sites, made a significant contribution to thedevelopment of local cultural and educational, but also the precious spiritual wealth of thepeople of Ba and Shu.

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