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Research on Aesthetic Ideology in Preface of Liu Yuxi

Author MaoQingXu
Tutor WangShuHai
School Jilin University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Liu yuxi Poem of equence Esthetic Therapy-remainig-Buddha
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In colorful art garden, tang is a sparkling liu yuxi of a strange flower, his rise inthe different style, colorful artistic creation, in the Chinese literary history, especiallythe tang dynasty literary history played irreplaceable lofty position, win "poem hao""national" reputation, one of the three with the tang dynasty poet bai ju-yi and called"bright had", and one of the eight everybody tang liu zongyuan and called "LiuLiu".Liu yuxi works are able to in a thousand years of history, has been griseldaenjoyed by people with acceptance, from today’s point of view, this problem of theobvious answer is various, but I think that the important reasons is that genius of twovery different from artistic creation and the rise of literature and art thought, but thethought of his literature of the most concentrated embodied in his poems, among thispoem in his preface and was occupied very big one part proportion. This paper willthrough the research of poem sequence liu yuxi liu yuxi to show people the poeticthought aesthetic value. This kind of aesthetic value will eventually reflected in itsYouGuoYouMin feelings of Confucian, Taoist and buddhist thought the grovepromenade well with his poetry art in. And this will in poetry creation of threedifferent thought schools unique artistic personality is merged with his unique lifeexperiences and thoughts about daiyu super-knowledge because it allows him toConfucian, Taoist thought and buddhist theory have their own unique and profoundunderstanding way.In short, as an outstanding materialism atheist, liu yuxi in thought very close inBuddhism. But, liu yuxi of Buddhism and accept that this is the political experiencewith his old age closely and life experience. And also by the influence ofConfucianism deeply. Liu yuxi always tried to borrow Taoist and buddhist thought toseek spiritual liberation and comfort. But Taoist and buddhist philosophy and the birthwithout lead him to leave the Confucian active intervention reality wto standpoint. Soin his concern liu yuxi here, not life and death issues of the revolution, but socialproblem; The attention is not buddhist karma, but the relationship between man andnature; Thinking of the afterlife, but not of this life, also because of this, in the mindsof liu yuxi, except for buddhist thought power house outside, also can give histhoughts on the spiritual comfort, he will resonate with Taoist thought. So on theConfucian thoughts, liu yuxi actually are the most important.

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