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The study of Zhang Yong and his poetry

Author WangMin
Tutor WangYong
School Shandong Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Zhang Yong poetry Ideological content Origin style Artistic achievement Song Poetry
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Song Poetry is another peak except the Tang Poetry in the history of Chinese poetry, with itsdifferent style which differs from Tang Poetry, to show some other features. Researching SongPoetry, the beginning of Northern-Song Dynasty was a period which can’t be ignored. Itindicates the development direction of Song Poetry, preliminary laid the foundation for the SongPoetry. For the poet of early Song, our current study is not enough. Based on this, the paperfocus on the study of a early Song poet - Zhang Yong, Wish that it is useful to the study of earlySong Poetry. Then learn more about the Song Poetry.This paper is mainly made up of three parts: the introduction, the text and the conclusion.The introduction part mainly describes the reasons and the purpose. Starting from the researchingvalue of Zhang Yong. Summarizing the total researching situation towards to Zhang Yong.Evaluating the finding about his poetries. Pointing out the weak part of it. Then stating thewriting purpose.The text is the main part of this paper, composed of four chapters. In chapter one, anall-round study on Zhang’s personality was made. Starting from the experience and thoughts ofhim. Describing his experience which is from the folk society to the royal government. Showinghis thoughts of participation and seclusion. Analyzing his single personality.In chapter two, the thought content of Zhang’s poetries was studied. In the creation ofZhang’s poetry, he base on the real life and pay much attention to the reality. Showing hispolitical ideas, thoughts and life attitude in many aspects. To the royal government, he cares theofficial career and concerns the society. To his personal affairs, he prefers the seclusion life andindifferent to the fame and wealth. And he loves deeply of his friend and hometown.In chapter three, Li’s artistic achievements were discussed.Zhang pay much attention to thepoetry theaesthetic characteristic. And focus on the artistic expression. On the one hand, he carryon the tradition of the "The Book of Songs" , pay attention to the reality, and export at "Bi Xing"On the other hand, he value the way of self-expression to show his all kinds of means of artisticexpression. He especially experts at the ways of "Qu Xiang, Yong dian"making his poetry rich inmeaning. This inflect and develop some of the basic feature of Song Poems. In chapter four, the origin of the style of Zhang’s poetries were analysed. From the lateralthinking, studying the connection of his poetry. From the vertical thinking, learning the friends ofhim. In this way , to analyse the inheritance of the predecessors and the difference with the otherpoetry genre.The conclusion probed into the causes and the impact of Zhang’s poetries. From thepersonal factors, that is close to his consciousness, thoughts, feelings and experience. From theexternal factors, the Northern-Song dynasty focus on the culture. And this is good for the poetrycreation. In the development process of Song Poetry. Although Zhang’s poetries achievement islimited,his unique personality is meaningful to the future generation.

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