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Study on the Relationship between Dunhuang Vulgar Fu and Ancient Novles

Author MaLiJing
Tutor LengWeiGuo
School Ocean University of China
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Dunhuang vulgar Fu ancient novel influence
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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This article is mainly research on the Dunhuang vulgar Fu of texton the basis of the former study.Through a close reading of the text, andthe combination of academic research achievements, and elaborated therelationship between Dunhuang vulgar Fu and ancient novels from contentand artistic technique two aspects. In the text content of the selection,mainly on Mr. Zhang Xihou’s" Dunhuang Fu Hui", Mr.Fu Junlian’s" DunhuangFu Jiao Zhu " and Mr.Pan Zhonggui’s" Dunhuang Fu Jiao Lu" the three bookswere compared, and then refer to the number of papers, and the selectionof texts. Although some scholars were studied" vulgar Fu", and alsotalked about the relationship between it and later literature, but thecontent is a just or two, not research the system of Dunhuang "vulgar Fu",and from it the text as the breakthrough point, to elaborate therelationship between it and ancient novels. And this is precisely theDunhuang vulgar Fu ’s text as the breakthrough point, elaborated therelationship between Dunhuang vulgar Fu and ancient novels.This paper is divided into three parts. The first part is elaboratethe concept of" vulgar Fu " and "vulgar Fu"’s present situation.Then clear"vulgar Fu"’s clue, better to elaborate the relationship between Dunhuangvulgar Fu and ancient novels. This part mainly expounds the academic"vulgar Fu" origin of several major viewpoints: Mr.Cheng Yizhong’s "HanZa Fu "; Mr. Fu Junlian ’s "Jiang Song of folk"; Mr. Liu Guangming ’s"thePre-Qin Dynasty folk Ke Zhu Fu" and Mr.Zhang Hongxun’s" folk fu". Thendiscusses the" vulgar Fu " generation, development, mature, decline of the historical process. The" vulgar Fu" have a certain understanding. Andthe second part of the article is mainly study the relationship betweenthe Dunhuang vulgr Fu of the content and ancient novels. This part firstelaborated the Dunhuang vulgar Fu of17articles, which concluded intoseven aspects, namely the character description; description of theanimal;wine; to the ancient things as the subject description;travels;lyrical descriptions and depictions of male and female pleasure.From the seven aspects respectively elaborates it to the ancient noveltheme effect. The third part is elaborate the relationship betweenartistic characteristics of Dunhuang vulgar Fu and on the later novels.This part is divided into four areas. Dunhuang is the first of vulgar Fustyle of language, namely, figurative language and ridicule the humorouslanguage in later novels; followed by the vulgar Fu of the fictional effecton novel, this part mainly from the fictional characters and plot of thefictional; again from rhetoric, namely contrast, elaborate parallelism,metaphor, personification and exaggeration in several aspects toelaborate on the ancient novel influence, finally elaborated Dunhuangvulgar Fu on ancient novels profound reason and meaning.This article is mainly from Dunhuang vulgar Fu of the text, to returnto the initial state, the text from the original ecology to study itseffect on ancient Chinese novels. This is done to its stylistic contentand artistic insight. On the basis of this, we can also see the" vulgarFu" the style of the later opera, vernacular, legendary stylistic effects.

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