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Baiti Poetry Study in Late Tang

Author LiangYuGang
Tutor YinZhanHua
School Northwest Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Baiti poetry in Late Tang Dynasty Reality of caring Masquerade feelings Artistic features
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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This article is an overall study of the late Tang Dynasty Baiti poetry, poetrywriting groups, the time frame is Xiantong after demise of the Tang Dynasty, nearlythree decades of time to learn the creation of the New Conservatory of Tang Bai Ju-yi,who late Tang are focuses objects to explore, divided into five parts:Introduction part of the first Baiti body of the Late Tang poet is a simple andclear Definition This article discusses the commencement of preparations were madeto introduce the social conditions of the late Tang Dynasty, people understand thesocial background of the late Tang Dynasty Baiti poetry, and Baiti the developmentand evolution of the poetry made a brief review, described the value and significanceof the late Tang Dynasty Baiti poetry Research Topics in this article in the Review.The first chapter is the analysis of the late Tang Dynasty Baiti poetry poemsdescribing the social reality, its contents can be roughly divided into the allegoricalpoetry suffering poems, satirical poem in three forms, and combined with the majorwriters to talk about the three poems manifestations. Satirical Poem poet on a highsense of responsibility of the social, political, and the people suffering poetry is a truerecord of the suffering of people in the social reality, the performance of the poetsocial satire is a poet emotional self a kind of catharsis, is strong dissatisfaction of thesocial reality reveal the voice of the poet self-oriented performance.The second chapter is the hermit the Masquerade feelings of the late Tang DynastyBaiti poetry, during the Late Tang and Five hidden world of poets, such as Lu’unsuccessful implicit, the end does not calm hidden while the mood of Luo Yin DuXun monastery the implicit generation of the Poet, reflects the social chaos andpeople’s lives can not be stability and the helplessness. The reason why the late TangDynasty Baiti poetry Poet poets cherish life to escape the chaos a perfection of themeter, is they do not want in cahoots with the world the embodiment of noblecharacter.The third chapter is the artistic features of the Baiti body of the Late Tang poetryand language characteristics of a general Late Tang Baiti poetry in the languagecharacteristics of Qian Jin fluent, flexible, in the form of poetic genre, archaic inherited the beauty of the New Conservatory, near The body has to create the powerto improve the performance of functions of near-poetry, and creative imagery of nearpoetry, quatrains, short and sharp, flexible and comfortable, talk irony Tatemi.Finally, Baiti body on the Late Tang poetry was evaluated, and certainly they open thepower of the Song Dynasty, but the lack of these poets are analyzed.

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