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Ruanji Lyric Poems Research

Author HeZuoZuo
Tutor WeiGengYuan
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords "Revealing the inner most of my feelings" Intentionality Language Content Aesthetics Achievements and Influences
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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Yuan Ji is an eminent poet in the period of Wei and Jin. His82poems of "revealing the inner most of my feelings" are highly adored by scholars specialized in literature and occupy a very important position in the temple of Chinese Literature. The studies of those poems started in the period of Qi and Liang Dynasties and the relevant research outputs today have accumulated into a huge volume. Since the20th Century, some outstanding achievements have been made in the research of the "Revealing the inner most of my feelings", with some in-depth and more delicate understanding in regards of aspects such as intentionality, style, status, influence and etc. However, generally speaking, the research focuses of most of the scholars have considerable overlapping parts, their horizon is relatively narrow. Rarely have any studies deeply probed into the text and explored new ideas, consequently, the author believes that we should further our exploration of the poems, and to probe into them more deeply is of great necessity and practicability.The introduction of this paper consists of3parts, majorly introducing the researches on poems of "Revealing the inner most of my feelings". Through analyzing the researches on the poems achieved in20th Century, as well as their achievements and defects, this paper elaborate the necessity and possibility of furthering the related studies.In Chapter1, the author classifies the poems into the categories of "singing the history","meditating on the past","traveling in the deity space","revealing the inner most of his mind" and "female related topics" according to the themes of the poems. This paper also briefly comments on each type respectively.In Chapter2, the author discusses the intentionality of the poems. In section1, the study classified the intentionality into many types, analyzing such types from the perspectives of the changing literature. In section2, this study makes the overall analysis on the combination of the intentions. According to this study, the comparative combination is most usual in the poems, besides, combinations of entrusting, overlapping, decorating, progressing and scenery-with-comments are also very notable. In section3, this paper also briefly analyzes the intentionality’s characteristics of being cultured and refined, ingeniously harmonious, clear-cut stylish, strongly subjective and so on and so forth.In Chapter3, this study majorly introduces the different aesthetic features appeared in the poems, such as "Real Beauty"," vague Beauty","grieved Beauty""heroic Beauty" and etc. first of all, under the influences of his time, Ruanji attempted to pursue reality during writing his poems. For the descriptions of the external images, the poet employed the strategies of skipping the form while pursuing the reality. As far as the language is concerned, the poet chose the structure of one verb embedded in two nouns with the purposes of highlighting the real spirits and characteristics of the things. Second, with the rise of public’s awareness, people began to worry much about the real meaning of life, and such anxieties have even become a huge social psychological trend, under the impact of which Ruanji Displayed a special grieved beauty through creating the tragic figures, deliberately selecting the miserable intentionality and applying the syntactic structures of special styles.Third, as for the vague beauty of Ruan’s Poems, many scholars have affirmed such a style consciously or subconsciously. Many reason give rise to such a style of vague beauty. The author chooses to analyze such vague beauty very briefly from the3perspectives of historic background, creation techniques, and intentionality. Third, the Heroic Beauty, under the oppressing political environment, Ruan had to behave very prudently in order to protect himself. However, his mind was full of great aspirations. We can see such a fact from his famous sentence,"No hero at that time, and such an ordinary person could ever make his fame!", as well as his writing the "Poems of the heroes". Therefore, we can clearly discern the heroic beauty from his poems; such beauty is also soul-touching.In Chapter4the author analyzes the language features of the poems "Reveal the inner most of my feelings". In section1, the study analyzes the verbs used by Ruan. The verbs used by Ruan appear to be ordinary; however, the ordinary verbs once arranged ingeniously by Ruan, they appear to be very active and vivid, which enhances the tension and flexibility of the language, as well as activating and vitalizing the poem. The volatility of the language is therefore greatly encouraged and Ruan managed to create a special art environment as well as a unique scenery in his poems. All of these are of the major trend of Ruan’s word choosing styles. In section2, this study made a detailed analysis on the binomes used by Ruan. In section3, this paper scrutinizes the composite sentences used by Ruan. According to the surveys made by this study, Ruan has used the composite sentences for at least5times. The study makes brief analysis on such sentences.In Chapter5, the author reviews the achievements and influences of "Revealing the inner most of my feelings", In section one, the paper lists5of the poems’major achievements. First, it greatly promoted the development of5-character-a-line poems in China; second, it further consolidates the structure of the5-character-a-line poems, third, it enriches the emotion expressing of the5-character-a-line poems, fourth, it further develops the structure of the metaphysical poems, fifth, it barriers the trend of the development of the5-character-a-line poems into the styles of being "excessively elegance but inadequate contents", sixth, it further realizes the intentional writing style of the poems. In section2, the paper discusses the influences of the poems. First, from the perspective of the subject, we can see that Ruanji was the first poet writing poems with the subjects of revealing one’s real emotions. Second, as for the content and styles, Ruanji’s work exerted a profound influence on the succedent poets such as Zuo Si, Guo Pu, Tao Yuanming, Chen Ziang, Zhang Jiuling, Li Bai and etc.

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