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The Research of Wang Fuzhi’s Ming Poetry Selection

Author MengJie
Tutor LiJinSong
School Henan University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords "Ming poetry selection" The poetic view ideal love meaning Ming poetic history relationsh
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The Ming Poetry Selection is one of Wang Fuzhi’s poetry anthologies. The present research on thisbook is insufficient in the academic field. The academics mainly concentrate on the brief analysis of thepoetic theory of retro, structural poetics and the book itself, while they less treat this book as a whole tostudy so that there is lack of thorough and detailed overall understanding. With the further attention on theWang Fuzhi’s poetic research by the academics, the Ming Poetry Selection, as an important constituent ofhis poetic system, plays an increasingly important role. This thesis will give an overall grasp of this bookfrom the angle of Ming poetic history structure, analyze the poetic view reflected in the book and study therelationship between Ming Poetry Selection and Classical Poetry Selection, Tang Poetry Selection andJiang Zhai Poetry Notes. The study on this thesis will be of significance no matter on the poetic theoryresearch or on the further understanding of poetic concept.This thesis will discuss the theme in five parts:The introduction mainly discusses the current research situation of Ming Poetry Selection, WangFuzhi’s lifetime, the version problems of Ming Poetry Selection and the meaning of the topic.The first chapter discusses the poetic view of the Ming Poetry Selection. This chapter will give a briefintroduction of two groups of traditional poetry theory "poetry delivers wills" and "poetry comes fromemotions", and then this part will further analyze Wang Fuzhi’s lyricism poetic ontology "poem expressingtemperament ", and finally this part will systematically summarize the criticism standard reflected in theMing Poetry Selection.The second chapter discusses the Ming poetry history view of the Ming Poetry Selection. This partwill give an overall study from the Ming poetry history point established in the Ming Poetry Selection,which can make the Ming poetic context and the development of the main poetic genre appear clearly andintuitively. Wang Fuzhi criticizes the poetry genre such as the scholars, the Gong’ an genre and the Jinglinggenre. While he strongly support the poets, such as Liu Ji, Gai Qi and so on, and their poems in the earlyMing dynasty. In the later period of Ming dynasty, he began to pay more attention to the poems by YangShen, Xu Wei and Tang Xianzu. Wang Fuzhi was the first one to value the individual poets, which helpshim establish the view of Ming poetry history in an unusual approach. The third part discusses the relationship between Ming Poetry Selection and Classical Poetry Selection,Tang Poetry Selection and Jiang Zhai Poetry Notes. This part will mainly talk about Wang Fuzhi’s poetrytheory, the attitude against the establishment of rank and the essence of poetry itself, through which we willfully study the inherent link between these few books.The fourth part comes to the conclusion. It discusses the Ming poetry history and the poetry theory inthe Ming Poetry Selection through the selected poetry consciousness. Combined with the first few parts,this part will make a summary.In a word, the Ming Poetry Selection, as one of important selection works, plays a significant role inconstituting his poetic system. Therefore, the deep study of the Ming Poetry Selection promotes theacademic understanding of Wang Fuzhi poetic system to a great extent.

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