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The Middle Age of Tang Dynasty Poetess Research under the Patriarchal Society

Author RenZuo
Tutor SuYongQiang
School Wenzhou University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords middle tang dynasty xue tao the patriarchaldiscourse female consciousness
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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After An-Shi armed rebellion, the golden and powerful TangDynasty began to decline. On the one hand, the increasing trend ofpolitical corruption and the abnormal prosperity of urban economyaccelerated the philistines inwardness and hedonic tendency; On theother hand, because of the Confucianism, the control of the moralityof women was becoming increasingly tighter, which became theshackles of women, bodies and mind, for a long time in Song, Ming,Qing Dynasty. Being both an "open" and "conservative" era, theTang Dynasty has breeded a number of female poetesses andamounts of their classic works, and the role identity is the mostdiverse and the most valuable study of poetry art of that era. As awoman poetess in history, Xue had experienced a socialite, campunder the coincidence of prostitutes, female champions such as multiple identities shift. Therefore, Xue Tao’s experience isundoubtedly the most typical representative poetess in Tang Dynasty.Her own poetic wisdom had owned the respect of the world, andespecially her struggle under the patriarchal discourse suppressionof sociality earned herself a spot and the honor of a distinguishedpoetess. Because of that, on the whole, the study of Tang poetry isdriven.From the ordinate tease out, Xue Tao as a female poetess playsa role in the horizontal expansion of the Tang women under thepatriarchal society in the poetess’ ideological and aestheticpsychology. The paper is divided into four parts: the first part is theintroduction, which aims to clarify the writing origin and theresearch object, generalize the researches of the female poetesses inTang Dynasty and Xue Tao, and the present situation and thesignificance of the study provide an overview of the main methodand content writing. Concerning Xue as a socialite poetess, thesecond part discusses the attachment of the lower edge of thepatriarchal society and restriction, the interpretation of femalepoetess in the Tang society, the Tang poetry about malepsychological dislocation with male friends sound sex and meninterpret the poems of women from the perspective of role play. Thethird part analyzes Xue Tao as campaign brothel poetess germinating rushed out of the cage of male words and awakeningvision analysis, and discusses Xue’s female consciousness soilconditions in order to determine the awakening of female poetesses’independent personality at that time under the patriarchal discourseof self-salvation. In the fourth part, as a female poetess laureate anda detachment of the return of religion, in comparison with otherfemale poetess laureate on its see through the wisdom of the world,after vicissitudes of life ups and downs its poetry, poetic and divine.This study is based on the cultural context in literature. Factorslike the reconstruction, the text, experience and cultural contextconsist of a organic whole repeated three research levels. Adopting afemale perspective and based on the "people" male blend ofhumanities’ perspective is in order to take the female poetryresearch into deep degree, under the complicated background of thehistorical, political, economic, and cultural traditions.

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