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Study on the music and dance "words" in the song

Author LiuYanChao
Tutor WangXiang
School Shenyang Normal
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Full Song music-accompanied dance Influence
CLC I207.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Song verse uses it’s preeminent artistic achievement, glory dazzling the eyesbeing always glimmering during the past thousand century. Dance accompanied bymusic word in Song iambic verse, is that the prostitute who is connected with songprostitute, music, dance, instrument etc., is sung on subject matter sings, thesubject matter festively singing and dancing performance word possibly is carried outby song prostitutes, since peculiar, is appeared extreme and costful especially undervery deficient document data premises relating to Song Dynasty song and dance bythe data, studying Song Dynasty song and dance has provided the penetrating image’s.Dance accompanied by music word in therefore, studying "entire Song verse ", hasstronger theory significance and practical or immediate significance.First of all, the author have probed dance accompanied by music word originand development face to face, the word has carried out a boundary on danceaccompanied by music stablely. The secondary, the author have carried out analysison dance accompanied by music word art characteristic from music under the visualthreshold, have pointed out dance accompanied by music word art characteristicssuch as the harmonious unification having general term for ci and qu union, gladlyarchitectural nimble word change and the thriving singing. Once again, finally, theauthor has carried out carding on narrow sense dance accompanied by music wordliterature characteristic on the thinking degree complying with literary works. Fouraspect such as complying with the subject matter particularity, the content expansion,the style innovation and being unlike the inclination creating the main body thoughtmainly has carried out carding. The author first step has been discussed being hit bydance accompanied by music word value and effect. Have pointed out the peculiardance accompanied by music word value in the respect of preserving music, danceetc., have pointed out the Song Dynasty dance accompanied by music word in orderthe type of verse popular in the Yuan Dynasty, including zaju and sanqu, sometimesreferring to zaju only creation development has provided condition.

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