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LiaoZhaiZhiYi of Artistic Beauty Studies

Author ZhangXuan
Tutor LiuHeYan
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords "Liaozhaizhiyi " classical Chinese novel Pu Song ling aesthetic ofartistic beauty
CLC I207.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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"Liaozhaizhiyi" is a masterpiece of Chinese classical novel as it inherits the classicalnovels artistic experience accumulated in the development process, to create a unique ofartistic beauty world. A comprehensive summary of the book’s achievements in of artisticbeauty and trace the origin-depth excavations, the research field of a vacancy.Extensive to summarize and absorb the results of previous studies based on the reality ofthe history of the development and works from the classical Chinese novel " Liaozhaizhiyi" ofartistic beauty is divided into three parts: the performance of artistic beauty, of artistic beauty,the origins and Art beauty of. First of all, from the five aspects of the language, the mood, thetragedy, the characters, in the form of " Liaozhaizhiyi " of artistic beauty Explorationsummarize the book artistic expression of beauty at the same time, trying to re-analyze theirartistic achievements, and thinking. Secondly, the of artistic beauty the performance of thefive aspects of the novel, the exploration of "traceability" type source of the Kahlo Sok itsartistic achievements from the works of the classical Chinese novel history. Analysis of thereasons for it in the history of classical Chinese novel "synthesizer". Finally, on the basis ofthe first two chapters of the "source" stream "Dynasty," Strange "value of artistic beauty,culture, philosophy, aesthetics, literary history point of view, all aspects of thinking and dig,trying to put forward innovative views and insights. In addition, this part will fullydemonstrate the value of artistic beauty "Liaozhaizhiyi" excellence and richness to a clearerunderstanding of great significance in the history of the development of the classical Chinesenovel and creative development.

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