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On the cultural and literary creation of Chen Zhongshi

Author WangRong
Tutor ZhaoXueYong
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Guanzhong culture spiritual structure contemporary value ChenZhongshi
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Guanzhong Plain, experiencing several changes of dynasties and years deposition, looks like an old man, profound and broad-minded. In some ways, Guanzhong Plain is not only a plain in the geographical sense, but the source of Guanzhong culture with rich connotation created by Qin people who living here generation after generation. For these people, they always advocate and keep the cultural tradition and spirit of farming, kind-hearted, realistic changing and open-minded. Chen Zhongshi, a writer, is one of them. Chen’s love for Guanzhong culture is inherent. Guanzhong culture can be described as Chen’s spiritual home, and as a writer, his understanding of Guanzhong culture is more reflective. Born and growing up on Guanzhong Plain, later schooling and working here, so Chen’s character is influenced by Guanzhong culture deeply. Chen’s love for literary writing and his comprehensive understanding of Guanzhong culture, especially the rational thinking of Guanzhong culture’s fate in the new era, have laid the solid foundation for the writing of his novel White Deer Plain. This paper attempts to explore the cultural relationships of Guanzhong culture and Chen’s writing. It discusses the impact of Guanzhong culture on Chen’s cultural psychology formation and the spiritual ties of Guanzhong culture and Chen’s creative writing. The paper includes four chapters as follows:The first chapter is an introduction. It describes the motivation, the current research of the topic and the innovative part of this paper, so as to sort out the domestic situation related to Guanzhong culture and Chen’s literary creation.The second chapter discusses the impact of Guanzhong culture on Chen’s cultural psychology formation. The process of Chen Zhongshi’s literary creation, in fact, is a process of reflection and witness of Guanzhong culture, and also a process of Guanzhong culture actively impacting and molding on Chen Zhongshi. The influence of Guanzhong culture on Chen’s character, values and the ambition of creative writing can be found everywhere, which is always the source of Chen’s literary creation. The paper discusses respectively the three aspects of Chen Zhongshi’s deep native mood, the complex of Guanzhong culture and the legendary "a book and a person"(Lv’s Rules and the scholar Niu Zhaolian on Guanzhong Plain), so as to show Guanzhong culture’s impact on Chen Zhongshi’s cultural psychology formation. The third chapter discusses the spiritual connection of Guanzhong culture and Chen Zhongshi’s literary creation. Using White Deer Plain as the object of textual analysis, the paper elaborates Qin’s customs, Qin’s language, Qin’s woman and Qin’s man, showing a full range of Guanzhong cultural landscape.Topics to be extendedTo be an extension of the topics, the last part summarizes the three chapters above, pointing out Guanzhong culture is the source of Chen Zhongshi’s literary creation, which giving Chen Zhongshi inexhaustible supply of creative themes and inspiration. In addition, as Chen’s creative ways and thinking have become more mature, he began to reflect on and aestheticly examine the spiritual soul of Guanzhong culture, and White Deer Plain is the result of his rational thinking on Guanzhong traditional culture. Furthermore, setting aside a variety of flowery words, we have to realize that Chen Zhongshi’s literary creation detained in Guanzhong culture, especially Guanzhong local culture with obvious limitations.

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