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Narrative ethics history and life's ups and downs - Bai Xianyong's novels and text construction

Author YuCongCong
Tutor HuYuWei
School Shenyang Normal
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Bai Xianyong Taiwan literature Narrative ethics Historical accounts
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the history of Taiwan literature bai xianyong, has special significance. Hewitnessed the history change of his family and the people, see the historical changesbrought by the change of life. As a result, have deep thinking on life, history andculture. Historical accidental changes, changed the fate of the characters, the ups anddowns of life, let people’s psychological changes. Looking back to history, life is alsosmall, helpless and weak. Bai xianyong is a part of history, as well as characters inhistory, passive accept the historical change of the change of life. History shape to baixianyong, allowed him to writer’s special identity, send out the voice of life existence,prompted him to generate its own unique ethics, and in order to take care of exists inthe characters in the history, take person’s life consciousness. Bai xianyong uniqueway of text construction, namely, from the perspective of narrative ethics into thenovel creation, concerned about the plight of characters, difficult survival clearancefor them. This article altogether is divided into three parts.The first part, from the creation psychology to develop proceed with, analysis ofBai Xianyong s novel creation tendency of emotion. Bai Xianyong ’s creationpsychology from three main aspects: one is the childhood experiences of time andhistory of impermanence. The two is far away from the homeland, causing the spiritand culture of the double "nostalgia ". Three is the Chinese traditional culture ofConfucianism Buddhism and Taoism in the redemptive thoughts. These factors,Yinyun out of Bai Xianyong in the course of creation of sentimental complex,developed in his novel creation redemption consciousness; second part, discusses BaiXianyong’s unique narrative dimensions. In the narrative process, the writer suffered avariety of ethical dilemma, which is also the characters in the novel must face andsolve, to dispel the human presence of anxiety, Bai Xianyong presents a variety ofethical conception. This article from the text analysis, combing out the author in thenovel construction of several main narrative ethics, namely death ethics, history,ethics and the traditional culture time ethics ethical pursuit; the third part, a detailedexplanation of Bai Xianyong’s novel narrative ethics strategy, it is the innovation ofthis article. Bai Xianyong mainly uses three narrative strategy on the history, life,culture their own unique interpretation. One is the allegorical explanation of the history, this article from the perspective of the novel theme of the fable, explore itspoetic significance, to the National Fable and parable of architecture, is Bai Xianyongon history and human existence the heavy thinking, and life is a " dialogue ". Two is acomplex narrative, a kind of life state of the repetitive narration. Bai Xianyong will becomplex narrative narrative strategy throughout the world of his novels, divided into "Platon" and " Nietzsche’s " repetition, reading the text, to find more complex narrativeprototype. Three is the intertextuality, traditional culture revival tour. Bai Xianyongon opera and other Chinese traditional culture, by love, pity, pity. In order to use thetext construction to retained its essence. This paper mainly deals with the operaculture wisdom text transformation and creation.

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