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Research on Pre-Tang Dynasty Brothers-Related Folk Proverbs

Author WangLinFei
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School Guangxi University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords per-Tang Dynasty Brothers-related Folk proverbs Dragon metaphor adout
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Year 2012
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Folk proverbs is a shining pearl in the treasure house of Chinese culture.Folk literature in recent years is in the ascendant, the folk proverbs diversified into the research stage.As an important member of the family of proverbs, pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs is also noteworthy. This article is divided into five parts:Introduction is a brief review of the research status of folk proverbs, proposed topics of the meaning and methods.Research on the folk proverbs, Folklore hot in the early20th century as a starting point, and now has diversified into the research stage.However, pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs is still lacking in systematic commonality and individuality. This article hopes to study pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs on the overall,in order to have a more comprehensive understanding and positioning, expanding and deepening the study of the folk proverbs sight. The first systematic summary and a comprehensive study of the pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs; to reveal the characteristics and laws of the pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs; to analyze the family-related folk proverbs; using method "literature and history Mutual Certificate, History by Poetry", looking at the evolution trajectory of the brothers-related folk proverbs from the Qin Dynasty to the Six Dynasties history of thought, contemplation of the aesthetic taste change. Finally,to explore its significance in the history of literature and the history of thought.The first chapter is divided into three:First, a clear concept of folk proverbs. Antiphonal song, rumors, proverbs, saying, does not distinguish too small for the convenience of the study, whichever is the same to their differences, to take Mr. Xie Guian folk proverbs:"folk proverbs is generated in the community and reflect the social reality and life experience, to express the public sentiment and initiation descendants spreading to the mouth of the people and has the popularity, stereotypes and epidemic statement which are different from the undercurrent of culture of the ruling class". Second,listing the ages mainly on the perception of the brotherhood, combing ancient context of the brotherly relations seen in the literature.Third, the quantitative analysis of the pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs.This material is mainly derived from Lu Chin-Li Qin Pre-Qin WeiJin and Northern and Southern Poetry’Miscellaneous songs speech, adopting both the Du Wenlan ancient proverbs, and refering to other books for a little make up series, the number of statistics pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs to ninety-two.The second chapter analyzes the ideological content of the pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs.Actually contains a prophecy, current affairs, products, algae, and other types of folk proverbs.The prophetic folk proverbs appear in the multi-national upheaval, the political affairs of confusion or regime change.For the development of the prediction of the current situation and the fate of the monarch; for the prediction towards the fate of the dignitaries and senior officials; a class is a political attempt by the use of means to crack down on political opponents.Punish evil and promote good standards of ancient people to judge historical figures.Satire and attacked the vicious, corrupt rulers, praised the compassionate public distress, honest and upright of character.Seeing from the pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs, proverbs of the pre-Qin Dynasty almost exclusively focused on the concern of political topics, concerned about political figures.Into the Han Dynasty, folk proverbs judging people increased, these folk proverbs judy and estimate the knowledge,apperances of the various types of characters.The third chapter discusses the pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs literary qualities. Lyrical narrative, full of philosophic theory;The artistic features:the use of rhetoric, vivid and flexible; genres, varied sentence; simple and glancing language.In the pre-Tang Dynasty brothers-related folk proverbs, Dragon metaphor adult folk proverb:"Xun’s eight dragons, Ci Ming unparalleled";"Zhang’s ten dragons, refined temperature Christine";"Bian’s six dragons";"Yuen Ren unparalleled";"Five dragon from the same one";"talent and virtue" etc. Accordingly finishing featuring "Brother Dragon" phenomenon appears in ancient writings.Explore Longde philosophy, and analyze the causes.First is Longde impact.Silk book "The Book of Changes"," Er San Zi Wen", detail the description of’Longde.The second is the positive orientation of the Confucian culture;Moever, the tutor of the aristocratic families, harmony, honest, poetry and family heirlooms.The importance of education, enlightenment, attention to the etiquette of cultural advocate.Confucian filial piety, loyalty and forgiveness concept on behalf of the heritage.The third, wave of judging people,which is try to flaunt goods algae prevailed,As"Yin San Ren","Zhou Dynasty Bashi","Eastern Han Dynasty","Three Gentlemen","Eight Jun","eight Gu","EightJi","Eight Chu"etc.The conclusion, to sum up the rheology of the Qin Dynasty to the Sui Dynasty and social thoughts, changes in people’s aesthetic taste,which can still be seen from the pre-Tang Dynasty folk proverbs. Moreover, its bearing of political concern and a moral imperative, is also well worthy of our considering.

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