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A preliminary study of Jiading folk stories

Author ZhaoZuo
Tutor ZhanDan
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Folklore
Keywords Jiading Folktale Ethos Literati tradition Oral narration
CLC I207.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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After a long time, as one of the oral narrative literature, folktales begin to shine.Most significant one is that the relationship between folktales and the unique cultureof regions is becoming more and more closely, so that the folktales become a type ofunique folk culture in local. However, from the existing results of research, reseachersare more committed to excavate and analyze the ancient folktales. They often ignorethose temporary folktales which show the latest characters of the time. Actually inthese temporary folktales, which implicate of social, culture issues, are moreprominent. Jiading, with great splendor history, now also is in the process ofmodernization. In the process of development, how to protect the traditional cultureand the development of modern civilization run parallel will play a crucial role for thecunstruction of Jiading. This thesis is based on Jiading folktales, and combined withtext analysis and field investigation. Through Jiading folktales, this thesis aims toanalyze the unique regional culture characters of Jiading. This thesis also attempts toconstruct the theoretical and reliable background for Jiading folktales from the cross-regional character and the regional character. This thesis is composed of fourchapters:Chapter one is a summary of the current situation of Jiading folktales. It aims toexcavate the space of development and subsequent value through the results ofJiading folktales research. And then according to the Jiading folktales questionnairedata obtained, the situationg of transmission and the psychological reflection ofpeople will be known. Through the analysis of a series of data, it is very necessaryand urgent to make a study fo Jiading folktales.Chapter two is a comparison between Jiading folktales and other regions. Thiscomparison is based on the cross-region mobility, folk religion, daily ethics charactersand so on. Throgh the comparison, it shows some common characters of Jiadingfolktales and other regions. And it also clarify the reseach of Jiading folktales has theuninversal significance to carry forward the tradion and culture of Chinese story.Chapter three is to summarize the characters of Jiading folktales. It is based on the historical events in Jiading. This part aims to reveal the stong ethos of Jiadingpeople, and explore the relationship between ethos and the traditional literary. Theethos will also effect the material culture. And then,combined with the spiritual andmaterial culture in Jiading folktales, the characters of Jiading folktales will besummarized.Chapter four is based on the first chapter. This part analyzes the value andsignificance of Jiading folktales, from various aspects of life, literature, education,entertainment, describes some of the main form of the current Jiading folkloreinheritance. Finally, suggestions and ideas for the protection of Jiading folktales willbe put forward.

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