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Study on the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in Uighur Literature

Author AYiNuEr·ABoLiMiTi
Tutor GuLiNaEr·WuFuLi
School Kashgar Teachers College
Course Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
Keywords Uyghur literature written in the themes of resistance Li.Mutallip
CLC I207.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Uyghur literature war novels are the important part of the modern Chinese literature. In the Chinese nation is facing a crisis of life and death, a large number of Uyghur poets, writers in under Communist Party of China’s influence, published by the intense spirit of patriotism has revolted against the Japanese imperialism aggression massively, summoned the Xinjiang various races people united as one, resist the Japanese imperialism, construction great new China.These creations simultaneously also has the very high academic value, all has the intense practical significance in the present age, is worth us studying the summary earnestly.The present paper is in the Chinese modern literature under the Sino-Japanese War literature background, carries on to in the Uyghur literature Sino-Japanese War theme creation combs earnestly, reads, in this foundation the experimental research which carries on to the main writer work, the goal lies in causes the academic circles to the Sino-Japanese War time Uyghur national minority Sino-Japanese War theme work attention, the development extensive research.Present paper including preface, main text, conclusion and reference four major parts. The main text part is composed by four chapters.The preface part to the present paper selected topic goal and the significance, the research survey, the research technique, the paper structure, the major point and the innovation and so on has made the essential elaboration.Chapter one provides an overview of the war of resistance in the Chinese communist party members and to ethnic minorities create and its literature, the war of resistance to the basic conditions of the Chinese literary works, the soviet union with the war of resistance Uyghur literature, the war of resistance Uyghur and Uyghur classics of the close relationship, etc.The second chapter, the main theme of the Uyghur war of resistance equal of the patriotic poet and playwright, literature, theoretician Lutpulla. Mutallip to research and creation. The system of his life and its creation, he was in Uyghur literature for the position and influence.The third chapter is classified. The main from the study of poetry and fiction, drama and creative writing class, the themes of resistance to the Uyghur and other authors summarize my work.Chapter 4 was the subject of the Uyghur and resistance to write a summary of the themes of resistance. Uyghur content features and types of literature, language, the art characteristics of the review to sum up, and put forward his views.Conclusion that the text of the review.all the themes of the Uyghur and resistance that the value and meaning, Uyghur resistance subject in Uyghur literature and the creation of Chinese literature in and the contemporary sense.

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