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Simultaneous interpreting and translation for effect - to trainees as the research object

Author ShenYing
Tutor YangLing
School Beijing International Studies University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
CLC H059
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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"Preparation before interpreting is the secret of successful interpretation." As the author of the study, simultaneous translation direction, accepted the consecutive and simultaneous training for two years. In the usual interpretation training, especially in a time draft interpretation training, need to be prepared to work to do all kinds of pre. Which is the most representative of the following three. First, the teacher provided in advance of text translation, if only to provide audio or video information, is to put the content down to dictation, dictation and the content of translation, for translation. Second, is the same in advance by the text, but the preparation before interpreting work into sight translation. The last is the scene to get the text, reading in a finite time period quickly, as far as possible to do preparatory work. Can imagine, although the same is sight interpreting, but in different pre preparation work, when the actual operation of the simultaneous translation will also have different effect. In this paper, based on the comprehension equation Gile (Comprehension Equation) and cognitive load model (Effort Model) in theory, put forward different translation preparation work on sight interpreting translation effect will produce different effects of this idea, using experiments to investigate the preparation before interpreting effect relationship and translation. The purpose of this study was to prove, Ze preparation and meaning, the correct understanding of the speaker in Si accurately conveyed played a big role. In particular, is to explore through the experiment, the original translation, sight translation and were read on site, the three different preparations of simultaneous interpreting the effects from. This thesis consists of four chapters as the following. The first chapter introduces the research motivation, research and the research method and purpose. The second chapter introduces the Gile triangle model, the representative theories -- Seleskovitch comprehension equation and cognitive load model. The third chapter is the design and implementation of the experiment is introduced, and the acquisition and analysis of experimental data. First, from the aspects of experimental purposes, objects, materials and the implementation method of several introduced with the implementation of the experimental design. The second was collected and investigated on experimental data. The experimental design is a combination of the aforementioned three different preparation before translation work, the experimental objects were divided into translation group (G), sight translation group (as G), and the reading group (G) of the three groups, experiment. Data analysis mainly on the project are as follows. One is the situation Chinese characters of vocabulary, the two is to convey information. We choose two investigation project, according to the Gile Comprehension Equation is mentioned in knowledge of, the language (Language) and extra-linguistic knowledge (extra linguistic knowledge) is the result of two factors most affect Si preparation of this theory. Therefore, in the language knowledge and language knowledge, are representative of Chinese characters words and message as the study project, analysis. Specific methods are as follows: first, study on Chinese characters of vocabulary is from the experimental data, which is from the experimental object dictation of translation, selection of primitives, namely by Chinese characters influence the translation of words in Japanese, to the analysis of the three groups on these Chinese characters vocabulary to deal with the situation. Secondly, the message, the first division of information, but also from the dictation translation selection problem more translation, the translation is readable and expansion. The main is to translate information points, namely translates the rate as the judgment standard of each group were analyzed. The fourth chapter based on the analysis of the third chapter, summarized the preparation before interpreting the degree of the effect, and summarizes the improvement of simultaneous interpretation effective countermeasures. The conclusions of this paper are the following two points. First of all, the text do preparation before interpreting more fully, more complete information. From the experimental results can be found in advance group of translation, translation, the translation is the most faithful and most natural. Secondly, to improve the effect, in addition to enrich background knowledge outside, also need to pay attention to in the process of interpreting, not only to the pursuit of information communication, but also take into account the version fluent. We hope that through this study, can deepen the understanding of the effect of preparation before interpreting and translation relations, but also can provide a reference for interpreting practice, studies on interpreting teaching training and related topics.

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