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A Research on the Diachronic Variations of the Lexical System of Three Psychological Verb Conceptual Fields in the Ancient Times

Author ShuJuan
Tutor ZuoQiaMao
School Zhejiang University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Psychological verb conceptual field the leading word the leading sememe diachronicevolution the history of vocabulary
CLC H131
Type PhD thesis
Year 2012
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By taking conceptual field theory as its method, this dissertation selected three conceptual fields of Youlu (忧虑),Caiduo(猜度)and Simou(思谋)as our target for making a diachronic searching in the evolution of every prototype member in each conceptual fields from the perspective of the combination of the lexical system and the semantic system. In the specific research,the dissertation investigated the evolution of every protype member in different times from the usages analysis, semantic domain and frequency comparison aspects,and then verified into the dialect to retrospect their history traces.The dissertation includes six chapters. The first one describes the reason for thesis selection, current researches about psychology verbs and conceptual fields, value, method and the essential points and difficulties of this study. It also refers to the materials of it.Chapter Two to Chapter Four, investigate diachronic evolution of three psychological conceptual fields: Youlu(忧虑),Caiduo(猜度)and Simou(思谋)It includes four aspects. The first aspect is analysis the source of its related meaning and the differences of the prototype members in each conceptual field.we also summarize the nature of subject and object arguments and syntactic position when they act as predicate.The second one is detailed description of the replacement process of the leading words conceptual fields and to summarize the differences of usage of each leading words’conceptual fields. The third one is the presentation of the atypical members in the conceptual fields and the induction of source characteristics of the words in conceptual field from the semantics. The last one is investigation the synchronic distribution of the concept field of lexical system in Modern Chinese dialects and making a glimpse of the diachronic evolution of the respective level.Chapter Five investigates the evolution of the main sememe of the leading words of three psychological conceptual fields and disscuses the related issuses. It includes three aspects.The first aspect combs the evolution venation of the leading sememe of the leading word in three conceptual fields and induction the types of evolution of the leading sememe.The second one is exploration the relationship between the leading sememe and the leading word.The third one is investigation the factors which constrains word’s form getting leading status in relevant conceptual field.Chapter six, based on study of the former chapters, concludes the differences usage of the members of three psychological conceptual fields and summarizes some regularities of the diachronic evolution of the leading words’ conceptual fields. Moreover, taking my place of origin and dialect area as a breakthrough, we inspected the dialect level of "Zhuzi Yulej(朱子语类)".Finally, we raised potential problems for further study.As a result, the process of the replacement of the leading words’of the three conceptual fields, on one hand,is accompanied with the expanding and reducing of the semantic domain and the increasing and decreasing of the frequency,on the other hand,followed by the using of completing and shrinking.Therefore,for the standard of the leading word definition, the usage complete is also an important reference besides the wide semantic domain and the high frequency.Secondly,there are four types of evolution of the leading sememe of three psychological conceptual fields:A-B-C-D; A-B-A;A-B-A-B and A-A.Thirdly,there is a close relationship between the leading sememes and the leading words, and the former is a necessary, but not sufficient condition.Fourth, the level of the sememe in the whole system, the share system of concept in conceptual field and the weight of the semantics burden of the word conveys,these are the three main factors which constrains word’s form getting leading status in relevant conceptual field.

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