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Modern Chinese Table Material Term Univocal and Polysemy Cognitive Mechanisms

Author ChengXiaoCui
Tutor ZhangDaoXin
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Table material terms property category Foreign LanguageVocabulary
CLC H136
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Vocabulary plays an important role in the transfer process of humancommunication and culture, human communication needs, the emergence of newthings, understanding the capabilities and awareness of the expansion of the scopeand requirements of the vocabulary but also evolving with the progress of society,However, we found some meaning on the basis of the original meaning of a wordderived from the generation of multi-word, then why some vocabulary derived aspolysemy, which words have derived into the possibility of polysemy? The mainpurpose of this paper is to solve the above problem.The main research method is the combination of:①Diachronic and Synchronic.Although this corpus is collected is a material term of the “Modern ChineseDictionary” table, but the emergence and development of the vocabulary isinseparable from the history, the development of some univocal words polysemy,some single-righteous word has remained the single justice, study The reason must beDiachronic and Synchronic combined.②Combination of qualitative and quantitative.In this paper, the term “Modern Chinese Dictionary” table objects [number] and itsproperties Category distribution of econometric research as the basis for the evolutionof the meaning of a word.③Interpretation and description of the combination. Wordthe amount and scope of distribution of this article the term of the Modern Chinesetable objects will make a specific description of the table material development of theterm causes of change to be explored.④The overall and individual combined. Thisarticle is based on the term of the table objects throughout the system, study tablematerial term on various aspects of property law.In this paper, the research results:①sort out the table material term of the“Modern Chinese Dictionary”, univocal sheet material term the polysemy tablematter the number of nouns;②The term of the table objects sorted out meaning thescope of classification, the major categories man-made substances and naturalsubstances, and the relevant sub-areas of classification;③The univocal words thereis no development into the polysemy of the reasons found property between things, similarity or related to sex, to predict the likely to development for the polysemy ofunivocal words.④To provide a method of teaching Chinese as a foreign language inthe definitions of terms, to make students better understand the meaning on the basisof master Chinese vocabulary, and correct, skilled use of language the actual.

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