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Research on Context in Television Programs

Author LiuSiZuo
Tutor OuYangXia
School Ocean University of China
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords TV talk show real talk show text context class context
CLC G222
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Something that make people in puzzle and annoyance results from the closedsociety for longtime and earth-shaking social changes, which enables people to pursue away of expressing their emotion and promoting their interaction with strong desire.The development of TV talk show has been a communication platform serviced for thepublic. TV talk show has originated from overseas countries since1960s, and our nationinitiated the first talk show at the beginning of1990s. A basic talk show presented foraudiences in front of television should consist of the following elements: the TVpresenter, the live guests and the spot viewer. Therefore, the language environment, insuch scene, acting as a vital prerequisite of mutual communication, information transferand verbal interaction. In other words, the language situation truly play a significant rolein TV talk show, especially on its restraining factors and influence.Basically, the language situation is considered as the foundation of talk show.Meanwhile, the TV hosts also take it as a theoretical basis during performance. Duringthe nearly last10years, there have been more and more researchers who devotethemselves into the investigation of combining the language situation with talk show.However, most of them make analysis on it based on traditional conception and analysisof talk show, For instance, the traditional elements is covered with implicit context,explicit context, thematic context, situational context, co-context and so forth. On thebasis of the previous survey, the writers take both talk show and language situation intodefinition and sort respectively. Additionally, the definition and classification of talkshow are comprehended by writers on their own thought. Different from theclassification through the content and form, the talk show is classified as true talk showand false talk show or one between them defined as class talk show. On the other hand,the language situation has not been clarified from the angle of content, function,emotion and application. By contract,it is categorized as site context, text context aswell as the one between them esteemed as class context. Based on the foregoing’analysis, our countrys talk show has been put on profound research and the helpfulsuggestion and recommendation related are raised subsequently.The main structure in this essay as follows: the first part is concerned about theclarification of talk show, including its definition, type, and the statement of itscharacteristics. The second part is concentrated on the instruction of basicreorganization of language situation, involving its definition, component, sort andfeature. The third part analyzes language by semeiology. This paragraph aims atinvestigating thoroughly the four aspects below: the methods of communication inlanguage situation, systematic analysis on inherent remarks of context, the languageenvironment reckoned as a process of meaning construction, the TV talk show contextunder public domain thought. The next part takes three programs for examples, and theyare real talk show, false (pseudo) talk show and class talk show. Furthermore, the sitecontext, the text context and class context are utilized to make microanalysis on specificcases. The last part comes up with the summary.

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