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Cognitive Interpretation of the Modern Chinese Combined Compound Words

Author MaLingLing
Tutor LianXiaoXia
School Henan Normal
Course Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Modern Chinese Dictionary Joint words cognition interpretation
CLC H146
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Many languages in the world have combined syntax structure, but not all of the languages havecombined compound words. Chinese joint word-formation is very characteristic to some extent. As animportant component of the compound words, the combined compound words have got sufficient attentionfrom a lot of scholars, and there are many research achievements. But to sum up, the main achievementsare on the basis of the nearly righteousness, related meanings, antonym, partial righteousness that havebeen listed in the past, to analyse the internal morpheme sequence and the significance of relations. Andthere is a little new breakthrough in the research angle.This essay, taking the combined compound words that collected by the Modern ChineseDictionary(the fifth edition) as linguistic data, combined with the theories of conceptual integration,metaphor, metonymy, highlight and so on, that from the cognitive linguistics. Using the descriptive andanalytical methods, attempted to classify the combined compound words of modern Chinese again. What’smore, took the specific words as examples, the author made detailed explanation from the cognitiveperspective. So as to replenish the previous studies, and make a comtribution to the vocabulary teaching.This paper first summarized the achievements and shortages of existing related research.Then, takingthe Modern Chinese Dictionary(the fifth edition) as object, the author made a whole investigation of themodern Chinese combined compound words from the words’ form and meaning. And through introducingthe basic ideas of cognitive linguistics, revealed the possibility and necessity of interpreting the combinedcompound words from the perspective of the cognitive linguistics. At last, taking the related theories ofcognitive linguistics as guidance, classified the Chinese combined compound words into three kinds, justthe significance of strengthening, figurative form and highlight type. In the mean time, closely combinedthe corresponding cognitive theories, meticulously explained the combined compound words that collectedby the Modern Chinese Dictionary(the fifth edition), consequently exerted the explanatory ability ofcognitive linguistics on the modern Chinese combined compound words.

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