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The Affix in Shaodong Dialect of Hunan

Author LiJing
Tutor LuoZuoRu
School Hunan Normal University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Shaodong dialect noun affix adjective affixes
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Shaodong county in central Hunan province, Shaodong dialects are Xiang dialect Lou Shao piece. Shaodong Dialect affix noun affixes, and adjective affixes with a strong dialect features. We start from a dialect survey, extensive collection of the corpus on the basis of the attempt to more comprehensively and systematically reflect the whole picture of the Shaodong dialects affixes.This article first chapter is divided into four parts:the geographical location and historical evolution of Shaodong Shaodong Dialect profile Shaodong Dialect Research, the significance of the topics and research methods. The first chapter from the macro side, introduced the basic situation of the Shaodong and shaodong, dialect:This article describes the the Shaodong dialect consonants, vowels and tones; also Shaodong Dialect Research; describes the significance of this study, the research methods; relatedthe situation described.The second affixes shall be divided into three parts:the affix definition of affix features, Shaodong dialect affixes almost said. First to introduce the definition and characteristics of Chinese Affixes, of shaodong dialect features, a brief analysis of Shaodong dialect affixes. Shaodong dialect of affixes is unusually rich, active in Shaodong people’s oral language..Shaodong Dialect Affix use has its own characteristics, so this article Shaodong Dialect affix, offering new perspectives and types of materials for the Chinese dialects affix overall observation.The third chapter of this paper Shaodong dialect noun affixes are divided into eight parts:the colors compliment a strong term prefix "old", in partial derogatory noun suffix "son" class, partial compliment the noun suffix "ji" class, the colors compliment a strong noun suffixes in the class of "zaiji"、"zaizai", in the partial compliment termclass of quasi-prefix "girl" value judgment noun suffix "first" class, gender noun suffixes in the class of "public/woman", and other noun suffix. The third chapter is the main part of the article, full description, and strive to show the system of the the Shaodong dialect noun affixes. Detailed description of the dialect term Shaodong affixes and by detailed analysis, analysis of each term in the Shaodong Dialect affixes use characteristics in order to better show the the Shaodong dialect noun affixes system.This article Chapter the Shaodong dialect adjective affixes divided into seven parts:an adjective prefix "X" in class, the adjective prefix "Pakistan", attach the prefix "in" an adjective, the reduplicated prefix "CC", the reduplicated suffix "BB", the adjective suffix "li", the adjective suffix "liji". By describing the analysis of seven adjective suffix, and strive to be comprehensive, real world demonstration of Shaodong Dialect adjective affix system, in order to show the the Shaodong dialect adjective affixes use features. In this paper, the syntax analysis, to show the Shaodong dialect Petroleum adjective affix the word of the syntax role.Divided into five departments:the fifth chapter of this paper Shaodong Dialect affixes function as word function, qualitative functional derivative sound function, change the justice functions, semantic features. Shaodong Dialect affixes the word function and derivatives tone function is the shape function of the semantic function is the meaning of the function, the qualitative function is the function of the syntax of the nature of these types of functions are not entirely exclusive Shaodong Dialect, but can co-exist.Chapter VI Conclusion In this paper, discusses the inadequacies of this subject, as well as to the meaning and value, the Shaodong dialect affixes can promote the Hunan dialect affix, or even dialect affix study, but also for the Comparative Study between the dialects affixesa single point of language materials.

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