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Chinese Japanese homographs comparative study

Author WanShanHuiZi
Tutor JiangKeXin
School Heilongjiang University
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords in the same form words vocabulary teaching
CLC H195
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The narrow strip of water in China and Japan, have a close relationship has been,since ancient times, the frequent exchanges, and give each other the impact. Beforeand after the first century AD, Chinese characters brought to Japan, has become animportant part of the Japanese written form. In the process of exchange between Chinaand Japan, the borrowing of language is particularly significant, the Japanese borrowedmany Chinese words, the Chinese also borrowed a lot of Japanese vocabulary,therefore, Chinese and Japanese belong to different language, but in written form.between a large number of identical or similar words, the so-called Sino-Japanesehomograph.Homograph for Japanese learners of Chinese, learning Chinese for their great help,but also interfere with its proper understanding of Chinese, compared with othercountries, Chinese learners, the Japanese a higher degree of influence by mothertongue, especially in the beginning to learn Chinese entry, the initial stage, due to lackof knowledge of Chinese, Japanese learners involuntary with the knowledge of theChinese character itself has.Entry and the primary stage is the most critical period in the process of learning alanguage, the knowledge gained at this time will affect the whole learning process. Forforeign students, language teaching, generally starting from the vocabulary teaching,vocabulary teaching effect depends on the teaching methods in these stages, theteachers take a great task. Vocabulary Teaching in the Chinese language teachingactivities, especially susceptible to the effects in the mother tongue learners, teachersof Chinese best to have some Japanese knowledge to understand the basic differencebetween the two languages, to guide Japanese learners the right to access toknowledge.Vocabulary teaching, Comparative Study of Sino-Japanese homograph, and the entry and the primary stage of learning Chinese vocabulary for the main object of study,from the perspective of Japanese learners of examining Chinese vocabulary, trying toexplain between the Sino-Japanese isomorphic words the similarities and differences inthe hope that the Chinese teaching of Chinese language teachers have some help.

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