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The Acquisition Features and the Error Analysis of Chinese Resultant Complement of Korean Students

Author SongQing
Tutor HuangYuHua
School Jilin University
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords Korean resultant complement acquisition error
CLC H195.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Complement construction is a grammatical form of structure unique in Chinesegrammar structure, Occupies a very important position in the whole grammaticalstructure system. Increased high frequency of use of the Complement Structuresyntactic forms of foreign students learning difficulty, foreign students vulnerable tothe influence of the mother tongue in the process of learning and the use of theComplement Structure generate negative migration. Therefore, the structure of theComplement has been the focus and difficulty in teaching Chinese as a foreignlanguage. The results complement the complement structure earliest internationalstudents contact is also partial syntactic structure of the high error rate resultscomplement the perfect system for teaching Chinese as a very important significance.In this paper, the senior Korean students in learning and using Chinese resultscomplement the process appear as the main research directions Korean students inChinese Writing HSK Composition corpus results complement the research object,the typical results complement of thirteen “V+完”“V+好”“V+到“V+成”“V+住”“V+见”“V+着”“V+开”“V+掉”“V+懂”“V+上”“V+下”“V+清楚”learning was the analysis of the characteristics, summed up the main resultscomplement the type of bias, and bias reasons. Results complement main bias type:"verb+results complement the structural components is missing," verb+resultscomplement structure negative form of bias, Particle "" alternative resultscomplement bias and the verb+complement "structure with the object of bias.Korean students of Chinese senior level have to learn and master the use of partof the results complement, but because of the Chinese results complement itselfcontains a virtual process complexity and not Korean Correspondingly, the syntacticstructure, that complement vacancies reasons, the cause of Korean students in theprocess of using a lot of bias. Therefore, the Chinese result of complement is thefocus and difficulty of the Korean students learning Chinese. This paper analyzes thecharacteristics of Korean students in Chinese results complement the acquisition, and then summarized the root cause of the type of bias, and bias, and hope to providesome valuable reference to the Han Chinese teaching, at the same time, can helpKorean students in Chinese language communication correctly use the resultscomplement.

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