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The Study of Chinese Idioms and Teaching Strategies as a Foreign Languag

Author XuJiaLi
Tutor LiangYaDong
School Jilin University
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords Idioms Basic features Error Culture Teaching strategies
CLC H195.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Chinese idioms contain the essence of Chinese culture. Because it has the feature ofhumorous and condensed. The idioms are very easy to arouse the interest in learning. But thecomplicated structure of flexibility and double-layer resistance makes it difficulties to studyingand communicating for international students.Now the academics pay less attention to the idioms teach studying. The teaching researchof idioms is still relatively small, lack systematic and operability. It needs to be furtherimproved. The front part of the thesis summarizes the existing idiom study, the latter part of thethesis analyzes the understanding mechanisms about idioms. It aims to provide some help forlearning cognitive.And the same time the thesis analysis some problems in the teaching andlearning from materials selection and Second Language Acquisition. The above is a basis topropose appropriate teaching strategies.The thesis includes the introduction and the conclusion. It is divided into six parts.Chapter1is the introduction. It includes the significance of the topic and the researchmethods and so on.Chapter2summarizes the controversy about the name of the idioms and the basiccharacteristics of the idiom from current authoritative general view. So we have a conclusion:the most of idioms is verb-object structure and have bright colors. It expresses abstract meaningthrough metaphor and metaphor. In addition, this part makes a distinguish comparison with thehigh usage rate in daily life of proverbs and twisters.Chapter3discusses the idiomatic understanding mechanisms from the aspects ofpsychological cognitive mechanisms, cultural mechanisms and context mechanism. Themetaphor cognitive style and situational context are important factors to understand the idiomsmechanisms. This part tries to help international students understand idioms.Chapter4summarizes some of the problems in idioms learning and teaching fromtextbooks and studying errors. Finally it analyze in-depth cause of the reasons. And also it putsforward materials selected angle and errors reason.Chapter5is based on the previous chapters and putting forward some appropriate teaching strategies. It mainly include context methodology, mental lexicon effect, multimediadetailed interpretation, the combination of stages teaching and grading teaching and so on.Chapter6is the conclusion.

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