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The impact of environmental conditions on soil microbial diversity and nitrification

Author LiuJuanJuan
Tutor ZhongWenHui;ZhouKeXin
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Environmental Science
Keywords Soil Microbial diversity Community level physiological profiling (CLPP) Phospholipid fatty acids (PLFA) Nitrification potential
CLC S154.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Soil microbes are sensitive indicators of changes in climate and soil conditions, changes in soil quality can have a significant impact on soil microbial. Vegetation, soil use and fertilization, tillage, irrigation and other agricultural management activities may cause serious impact on soil environment and the quality and impact of soil microbial diversity. The article also briefly describe the recent years has been widely used in soil microbial diversity research methods, community level physiological profiling (CLPP) method, phospholipid fatty acids (PLFA) analysis and molecular biology methods, combined use of these methods available Microbiology, and more comprehensive understanding of soil microbial diversity. Soil nitrification of ammonia or ammonium salts in the soil under the action of microorganisms, is oxidized to nitrate process, the impact of nitrification factors such as temperature, moisture, pH, organic matter content, nitrogen content and microbial biomass and its activity. In this paper, Qiong the Midwest Wushih farm natural secondary forest, eucalyptus forest, rubber plantations and banana plantations soil four different land use patterns of soil as the research object, changes in soil use patterns on soil microbial diversity. Soil microbial community level physiological profiling (CLPP) analysis showed that soil use by forest soils into agricultural soils, microbial functional diversity, the occurrence of significant changes. Natural secondary forest soil microbial metabolic activity the highest (the 72h AWCD 1.02), the highest functional diversity index, however, when the use of the way into banana forest and other agricultural utilization, due to the impact of agricultural management practices, soil microbial metabolic activity significantly reduced, also reduces the functional diversity index. The PLFA spectrum also show a similar trend and functional diversity of natural secondary forest were isolated from 47 kinds of phospholipid fatty acids, total PLFA content of up to 78.41nmol / g, significantly higher than the banana forest soil (32 species total PLFA 27.18nmol / g ). Fungal / bacterial PLFA ratio, G / G-bacterial PLFA ratio in different use patterns show different variation. Hydrolysable nitrogen, total potassium, total phosphorus, phosphorus, organic matter and pH are the main factors to affect the microbial diversity, biomass and community structure. This paper also studied the microbial diversity of the Tibetan Plateau Hoh Xil region along the railway, and the construction of a railway in the region of soil microbial diversity. The unique geographical environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Hoh Xil region along the railway soil nutrient content is relatively low, CLPP analysis shows that in the area of ??soil microbial metabolic activity is relatively low the (72h AWCD less than 0.25), microbial biomass and lower. From the railway at a distance of soil carbon utilization capacity (functional diversity), microbial biomass and activity of no significant difference. Jiangxi Province term application of nitrogen fertilizer and organic fertilizer, seed corn red soil as the research object to study the impact of long-term fertilization on soil nitrification. The results show that long-term application of nitrogen fertilizer and organic fertilizer can significantly improve corn red soil nitrification potential, and the application of organic manure (OM, NPK OM) soil nitrification potential than soil nitrification potential application of inorganic nitrogen (N, NPK).

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