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The Investigation of Present State about the Implementation of English New Curriculum in Senior School

Author ZhaoYiXiao
Tutor SuoGuiFang
School Hebei Normal
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Senior high school English new curriculum ImplementsState investigation Solutions
CLC G633.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The promulgation of the education program reform in primary and second schools (inexperiment) indicates the development of the new curriculum reform. The curriculum reformincludes the complete adjustment of the objectives, content, implement, evaluation andadministration. The new curriculum reform sets up a new orientation, and points out that thegoal senior school education is to provide the fundamental education for the masses, as wellas to ground for the development of the vital capacity, practical ability, creative ability for themasses.It ordains clearly in the standard of English curriculum in senior school that Englisheducation in senior school is the main process to training citizens. It should meet thedevelopment of the masses’ mental, emotional and attitude, but also meet the needs of themasses’ graduation, employment, entering a higher school and future survival. Meanwhile italso meets the needs of talents who are economic and science’s needs.At present, senior school English in our country have being taken widespreadly in thenew curriculum reform. In this paper, taking senior schools in Hebei Province asinvestigation objects, the questionnaire, documents and the way of visiting are used foranalyzing the achievements and problems of current English new course in senior schools inour country, and anatomy the cause, the seek the solutions for the problems in order toprovide anatomy for current English course development. Five parts consist of this thesis:The first part is the preface. Introduce a question asked, summary of related research, thesignificance, ideas and methods used.The second part is analysis of the standard of English curriculum in senior school.Analyze the features of the standard of English curriculum in senior school. Compare thesimilarities and differences between this standard and past teaching program. And then dividefour dimensions: course objectives, course setting, course evaluation and course resources.The third part is about the investigation of present state of English new curriculum insenior school development. The achievements and problems of English new curriculum insenior school development have been analysed. At present, the achievements of English newcurriculum development are as follows:1. English listening is more and more attention.2. The form of teaching is more and more flexible.3curriculum resources are relativelyabundant. At the same time, the problems of English new curriculum development are asfollows:1. Target is unbalanced.2. The form of curriculum is single.3. The form ofevaluation is single.4. Curriculum resources are used insufficient.The forth part is strategies for promotion of senior English new curriculum development.1. Strengthen manager’s consciousness of reform, to establish a good reform mechanism.2.Strengthen the teacher’s training, improve the ability of teacher.3. Equipment hardwarefacilities, improve utilization rate.4. Promote the reform of English college entranceexamination, promote the implementation of the new curriculum.The last part is conclusion.

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