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The Study of Russian Interjection

Author WangZuoNing
Tutor GuHongZhe
School Liaoning University
Course Russian Language and Literature
Keywords Interjection Origin Semantic function Literature interjection
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Interjection is a kind of indispensable words in language communication. According to the "80" in Russian grammar definition: interjection is a typical phenomenon in the field of language expression, is a method used to convey emotion, feeling, mood and the surrounding real emotional or will not change the reaction term. Interjection used to promote the whole sentence sentiment, to be lively and vivid, concise and attractive. This paper mainly from the semantics, etymology and phonetics perspective, for example the use of method and analysis method interjection to systematically research the Russian language, for language learners better grasp the Russian exclamations in language practice, to achieve better use of Russian exclamations purpose. The paper entitled "words" Russian exclamation, in this paper are as follows: 1 Introduction structure; 2 Russian exclamations concept; 3 Russian exclamations of word type; 4 Russian exclamations function; the 5 end of the main contents of each part are as follows: the introduction part mainly elaborates the necessity of legislation, make clear the purpose and task, introduces the new idea, theory and practical significance. The first chapter introduces the concept of exclamation; from the semantic, grammar and other aspects of the Russian exclamations and Russian mood words and Russian exclamations and Russian Onomatopoetic Words were compared, summed up the similarities and differences; from the etymology, punctuation and tone of voice and body language of the latent semantic aspects of Russian exclamations characteristics. The second chapter from the interjection origin and interjections semantic function of Russian exclamations are systematically classified, the Russian exclamations are divided into primary interjections, non-native exclamations and emotional exclamations, exclamation exclamations, etiquette will. The third chapter expounds view syntax Russian exclamations function; the use of examples and analysis of Russian exclamation function words in literary works are studied; some exclamation should pay attention to when translated into Chinese words in russian. Urgent topic: interjection is a kind of special language expression way, has now been more and more widely used in oral and literary works. Due to various reasons, at home and abroad, few scholars pay close attention to Russian exclamations, in order to help the Russian learners better understand the interjection, reach the correct use of interjections purposes, the interjection origins and semantic function of the Russian exclamations are systematically classified, and expounds its function and position in literary works the. The object of study: 1 Russian exclamations concept; 2 Russian exclamations distinguish words and Russian mood; 3 Russian exclamations distinguish words and Russian Onomatopoetic Words; 4 Russian exclamations classification; 5 Russian exclamation function words in literary works. Research methods: the research methods for example and analysis of the process of writing this paper. The innovation of this paper: 1 from the different angle to the Russian exclamations classification systems; 2 by using the method of example and analysis system described in Russian exclamation function words in literary works. The theoretical significance of this thesis: this thesis based on lexical semantics, grammar and etymology theory of Russian exclamations are studied, which provide help for the theory and practice of teaching in the Russian people, is conducive to the Russian learners improve Russian theoretical knowledge, improve their professional ability. The realistic significance of the paper: the paper from the different angle classification and function words sigh to study Russian, can help the Russian learners better understand and correctly apply Russian exclamations ending part summarized the contents of this paper, draw the following conclusions: 1 expletives is a typical phenomenon in the field of language expression, is a method used to convey emotion, feeling, mood and the surrounding real emotion or desire reaction does not change of words, this kind of words in a sentence with other words occur, and may have independent intonation. 2 Russian exclamations exist some similarities and differences between words and mood words and onomatopoeias. 3 with the development of linguistics, Russian exclamations extension in the constantly changing: some Russian exclamations become out of date is no longer in use, there have been new alien exclamations are included. 4 according to the interjection origin, Russian exclamations are divided into primary and non primary exclamation exclamations. 5 emotional sigh the meaning and use of words depends on the context; will sigh the meaning of the word is similar to the verb type, on the expression of human or animal calls or commands; etiquette interjection is usually a fixed number of polite expressions and phrases. 6 Russian exclamations syntactic function words are: 1) equivalent sentence; sentence 2) modal element; 3) elements of a sentence. 7 Russian exclamations can complete the following functions in literary works: 1) reflect the relationships between characters; 2) expresses the speaker's emotions; 3) expressing the speaker's evaluation of the people, things, objects; 4) expressing the speaker's intention; 5) expresses the speaker's personality; 6) express action and expression. In addition to the above part, this dissertation also includes a bibliography and thank you letters etc..

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