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The Research of Microsatellite Markers and the Eatablishment of Growth and Development Model in Xianan Cattle and Pinan Cattle

Author LiuBo
Tutor GaoTengYun
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction
Keywords Microsatellite marker Xianan cattle Pinan cattle Genetic diversity Growth Curve
CLC S823
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This experiment studied allele frequency, gene heterozygosity, average gene heterozygosity, polymorphism information content, preponderant alleles and endemic alleles of different varieties about Xianan cattle and Pinan cattle used 24 microsatellite loci polymorphisms. According to the determination of all ages stages weight and body sizes index about the Pinan cattle core cows groups, and build regression model to the weight and body sizes traits of Pinan cattle, preliminary study the production performance of the Pinan cattle core cows groups. Results as follows:1. According to the relation of weight(Y) and time (t) found the fitting degree of Bertanlanffy equation was best, the fitting equation: Y=505.644×(1-0.535×e-0.096t)32.According to the body height(X1), heart girth(X2), body lenght(X3), pin bone width (X4), canon circumference (X5) with weight (Y), using the SPSS multiple linear regression analysis got the regression equation: Y=-857.846+0.201X1+6.317X2-2.307X3+0.054X4+29.936X53.The allels frequency was got with the POPGENE program. Accordingly, PIC (0.7780), Het (0.8053) and Ne (5.82) were calulated. This showed that there were great variability and broad genetic base in the two cattle breeds.4. 24 microsatellite locus were used to evaluate the genetic polymorphisms in two cattle breeds, the 24 locus were polymorphic and 210 alleles were detected, with the mean of 8.75,which indicated that 24 locus were more polymorphic in the two cattle breeds.5.Some dominate allels and private alleles were shown to be important in the construction of the population structure.6.The results of Chis which Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in showed that the two cattle breeds do not fit these 24 locus or selection, genetic drift etc. Most of locus were not genetic neutrality.

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