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Preliminary study of the famous classical guitar educator Chinese professor Chen Zhi and teaching method

Author SunXuanXuan
Tutor ChenZhi
School Central Conservatory of Music
Keywords Professor Chen Zhi Classical Guitar Guitar Teaching Skills Training Teaching musical expression Voice Teaching Interactive group lessons
CLC J623.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Started late, the low starting point of the Chinese classical guitar music makes brilliant achievements, and praised the international music circles. As the founder of China classical guitar education, teaching practice in long-term focus famous classical guitar music educator professor Chen Zhi in the field of investment, his rich and scientific characteristics, is an important cause of Chinese classical guitar has made such great achievements. The purpose of this paper is to carry on the preliminary discussion. The full text is divided into three chapters, from three aspects discusses the professor Chen Zhi's 50 years of guitar music education to promote the China classical guitar to the world. In the first chapter, through a simple review is divided into four period on Professor Chen Zhi's guitar music education career, revealed in the different historical period, Professor Chen Zhi to the innovation and development of the guitar, before he loves art dedicated inputs, the plight of fortitude, unremitting, pushing China classical guitar music education forward. The second chapter is the focus of the thesis, discusses professor Chen Zhi very fruitful and distinctive teaching system. Through the study showed that, in different content and purpose of training, training, timbre music expression and interactive class teaching activities, teaching classical guitar professor Chen Zhi showed two characteristics: rich teaching contents by different methods varied form; through the teaching science always, performance can be flexible and effective use of the principles and methods and the use of education, psychology, sports training science, for the essence of culture, the traditional education idea China Chinese beneficial also has a very good reference and development. The third chapter can be regarded as the extension of the second chapter, discuss how professor Chen Zhi guitar music education extends to the outside of the classroom, to build a broader platform for teaching practice guitar: first of all, is the international exchange two-way attention, simultaneously has the great effect that the two-way communication; secondly, in ten years by Professor Chen Zhi. For promoting the development of Chinese guitar a lot of work in society, including do Guitar School, radio and TV, and hosted the International Guitar Festival and so on, to optimize the basic obvious development and environment is a necessary part China guitar development, to reveal these is Chen Zhi professor of guitar music education is one of the important reasons of fruits. Many areas Chinese music education and teaching, such as the pipa, piano, violin, many excellent teaching examples have been research and Discussion on the different levels of. In the field of classical guitar teaching achievements exceptional, study and explore the system still does not see more. A preliminary study on the artistic career and his guitar music teaching of Professor Chen Zhi, a display of the embryonic form of Professor Chen Zhi in the field of music educator's style, more comprehensive studies and discusses professor Chen Zhi classical guitar teaching system in many aspects and fresh and clear characteristics, these innovative in the thesis. Significance. At the same time, although a very preliminary and far from mature research, because it provides a for pioneering exploration on guitar music educators and their teaching, the paper might be a reference and enlightenment function for the development of Chinese guitar, this is where the significance of it.

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