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The Use of Peking Opera at the Piano Music of Pihuang

Author SunShaoWu
Tutor ChenGuoHong
School Northeast Normal University
Course Musicology
Keywords music opera use the cultural fusion of Chinese and Western music
CLC J624.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As our country’s increasingly powerful, the continuous development of economic, culturaland other fields, in Western culture integration, we are increasingly found that the nation isthe world."Peking Opera" ancient cultural systems, as the essence of our country forthousands of years have been handed down to us a representative symbol. This article Toelaborate opera the themes and musical elements in the piano, as well as the significance ofChinese and Western.In this paper, more research, first of all find the text information, electronic data, to seecelebrity interviews recorded, enjoy the Peking Opera. A better understanding of the varioustypes of knowledge of the opera, especially the skin yellow "this opera genre, whichillustrates the scores of its business, accent plate, tuning elements, and Mr. Zhang Chao’sPiano Transcriptions skin yellow analyzed in detail as an example to explain how it iscombined with the Western culture with Western instruments piano, which contains specificplay piano to imitate the strings of musical instruments which the opera, musical structuretexture arrangement.Chinese and Western, is divided into three phases: the first is probably1900, with thedevelopment of the industrial revolution in the world, the Western literary needs of thegrowing, this time in China Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang, represented by artiststhis artto flourish, at the same time, this art was introduced to North America, East Asia and theNordic region; the second phase after1980, the Peking Opera art was brought to the U.S.West Coast, the University of Hawaii, and the first startEnglish and other languages concertwill be in the form of their concert with the West oratorio Miss Yang Qiuling; the third stagesince1990, the western theater culture, a symphony for the first time been applied to theChina Peking Opera art, openin this unique art form is Miss Sun Ping.Gone through a long and difficult stage for the creation stage of China’s piano music, pianoand Western art and culture can not be compared, has not reached the degree of popularity.China is the history of one of the four ancient civilizations, with historical superiorityunmatched by other countries and regions, therefore, has great potential for the developmentof China’s Piano believe that the road of China’s musical development must be further andfurther away! Chinese music culture to the smooth development of two importantfactors.Inherit and carry forward the essence of Chinese traditional music, absorption andintegration of the essence of foreign music culture.Taoist and other philosophical ideas,music, aesthetic concepts as the basic criteria, inherited this the style of traditional ethnic music features, the formation and development of the national characteristics of piano music,but also to absorb the world piano music culture and has become an important distinctive partof!

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