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North Shaanxi Yangko Dance School Education

Author ZhangLiQing
Tutor YangJianShe
School Xi'an Institute of Physical Education
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Norther shananxi yangko School Yangko education Development Strategy Teaching
CLC J722
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Yangko northern Shaanxi is one of China’s four major Yangko excellent culture of the people in northern Shaanxi,one of 2006 was included in the outstanding non-material cultural heritage. Plays an important role in the production and living of the people in northern Shaanxi, it is because of the excellent folk culture of northern Shaanxi Yangko, prompting northern Shaanxi People’s pursuit of life, becoming a way of life of the people of northern Shaanxi practice way. It gives people a spirit of unity, the positive behavior guide. In the fall of 2007, northern Shaanxi Yangko the Yan’an Department of Education decided to set up local characteristics education, northern Shaanxi the Yangko first time into the classroom, thus gradually carried out in secondary schools. Northern Shaanxi the Yangko school education activities thereby be formally incorporated into the school educationShanbei Yangge school education,can achieve further promote the Northern Shaanxi Yangko widely carried out, can enrich the teaching contents of school education and better popularize the traditional folk culture in school and society, in order to better protect Good Excellent intangible cultural heritage. In theory, can also Shanbei Yangko and other traditional folk dance in the future to provide a reference in the teaching content and methods, rich and enrich the theoretical knowledge of traditional folk dance school educational activities; sense of the practical and theoretical education for secondary students to understand Shanbei Yangko technical and theoretical knowledge and grasp, fitness and entertainment values and teaching methods provide a theoretical basis, and provide a theoretical reference for the promotion of northern Shaanxi Yangko school education, the healthy and orderly development, and thus to better promote northern Shaanxi The traditional culture of the development and implementation of the Yangko school education and the protection of national basis.In this paper, literature, expert interviews, questionnaires, site visits France and statistics from the perspective of the traditional folk culture point of view of school education and non-material cultural heritage protection, teaching content, the value of school education in the northern Shaanxi Yangko detailed analysis and research and teaching methods. Through a questionnaire survey that the current the Yangko school education in Northern Shaanxi is still in its infancy, obtained through the questionnaire focus on two major areas of school education Yan’an Yu lin in northern Shaanxi Yangko Shanbei Yangko special courses into the classroom, but, lack of government funding, the school shut leaders attach importance to the degree is not enough, a lack of teachers and other reasons, in the process of the implementation of the the Yangko school in Northern teaches only stay in the form. However, in secondary school students want to learn in northern Shaanxi Yangko enthusiasm is very high, and Shanbei Yangko students to participate in the survey analysis of show activities, student performance in northern Shaanxi Yangko great participation To show students positive, self-improvement spirit and indomitable character. Also showed the students on the pursuit of a beautiful happy life, love of national culture, national cultural life reflects the harmonious campus.Northern Shaanxi the Yangko school education activities into the classroom, can effectively protect the northern Shaanxi Yangko heritage of folk arts and culture, campus culture, enrich the teaching contents. The status of school education in Northern Shaanxi Yangko the following conclusions:First, in northern Shaanxi the Yangko school education activities commenced in the Northern Shaanxi low, did not become one of the most popular courses in the School Education Division, the lack of effective development Shanbei Yangko study and education strategy. Second, northern Shaanxi the Yangko school education activities taught in high school professional teachers less, can not meet the demand for school teaching, relevant government departments to pay enough attention is not enough and school leaders attach importance to. Failed to issue effective policies, lack of supervision and management. Shanbei Yangko traditional ethnic cultural values, educational values, the fitness value, entertainment value. Through the activities of northern Shaanxi Yangko school education, can enhance students’ physical quality, rich school teaching content, entertainment, and strengthen exchanges, promote harmonious campus to better protect the northern Shaanxi Yangko, carry forward the excellent traditional folk culture. Fourth northern Shaanxi the Yangko education activities, the lack of publicity, high school students the awareness level of performance lack. School hardware facilities, Shanbei Yangko teaching hardware facilities should be further improve

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