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Study on Guo Minge

Author LiHui
Tutor YangFei
School Shanxi Normal University
Course Drama \u0026 Opera
Keywords Guo Minge Shangdang Laoli Performing Arts TheatreManagement
CLC J825
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Guo Minge, as a performing artist, development and prosperity leader of ShangdangLaoli during the contemporary is renowned throughout the country. Guo Minge wasadmitted to PingShun country literary training when she was16years old, she devotedgreat perseverance and persistent to study hard during training, thus make a solidfoundation for her future development of opera road. At18years old, she was known bythe “Rake the Melon Garden” for playing an old keeper of the Melon Garden. Sheinherited the outstanding tradition of Shangdang Laoli well, then she absorbed Yuju,Pingju and some multiple brothers singing operas’ advantages, at last formed a singingstyle of clear articulation, sound fruity, smooth improperness euphemism, exquisitepreferment. During the40years of opera performances, she explores continuously, andsucceeds in playing for more than20history and modern dramas on the stage. She islooked dignified and all the roles can be dressed up. She starred "MuGuiYing1","serviceplan","blood arrow”,"Shen Jilan" and a number of plays as her representative work areperforming all the times. Make tremendous contributions to the spread and developmentfor Shangdang Laozi.Guo Minge is not only a successful opera performing artist, theatre management, butalso hands down the opera culture to the generations. As a leader of the theatre, she playsthe new drama, goes to the countryside by herself, teaches the students, and hands downthe Shangdang Laozi. She keeps a simple education concept and pours all her passions onteaching; in order to make sure that "Shangdang Laozi" has qualified successors.This thesis pays attention to Guo Minge’s art of career, representative work, performingarts, theater management system. It’s aims to make a biography for Guo Minge, providesome more typical opera experiences to the younger opera learners.In this thesis, there aresome new features of the study on Guo Minge in the following four aspects: First, the thesis involves many Shangdang Laozi, and Changzhi Shangdang LaoziTheater’s history. Guo Minge’s personal experiences make her life have more backgroundcharacteristics, and then we can put her research results into the art of research on thewhole Shangdang Laozi system, make the study on Guo Minge more valuable.Secondly, the thesis emphasizes the process of Guo Minge’s learning career, Deeplyanalyzing its study of the hardships and tribulations in her career road can promote thefuture generations; what’s more, highlighting the importance of teacher in the teachingprocess can embody the importance of famous teachers in the education.Thirdly, the thesis based on Guo Minge’s main performance, summarized thecharacteristics and artistic achievement systematically. And get the larger breakthroughfrom the basis of predecessors’ research. It will have far-reaching practical significance topromote the culture, the heritage and development of the Shangdang Laozi Opera. At thesame time, it provides the models about how to learn and understand the classic art forfuture generations.Fourth, the thesis detailed discussed the theatre management by Guo Minge, and fromthe perspective of management, it can provide the ideas of sustainable development for thetroupe how to adapt to the situation of the continuous development. This thesis recordthem by words for researching, and make an appropriate, fair historical position andconfirmation for Guo Minge as an accomplished artist.

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